10 Reasons Why You Should Move to Walt Disney World When You Retire!

AHHH, retirement, some think that it is a time of rest, sleeping late and not working. But more people that I know find they are so busy in their retirement, they don’t know how they had time to work! If you are one of those who would like to be staying busy when you retire, Walt Disney World may be the place for you, READ ON.

10. Close to the Florida Beaches. OR On Property, there are all types of water activities, lakes, boating, or fishing. Maybe take up surfing at the Typhoon Lagoon wave pool? How about trying out boat rental at one of the waterfront resorts?

9. Lots of things to do on your day off. Go to the Parks, find lots of new experiences to try. Enjoy spending time checking out some of the more cultural activities that are offered at the World. How about a backstage tour? Check out all those World Showcase pavilions that you never have time to see because you are so busy running between rides.

8. Great Florida weather. Florida has Warm weather all year with very little cold or snowy precipitation (except at the Very Merry Christmas Party). You will have more time to Park Hop instead of shoveling or snow blowing.

7. Lots of options to become a Cast Member and work at the World. Do you like People? Consider becoming a Cast Member part time or full time. There are cool job options like Monorail Pilot or Watercraft Captain. My Personal Favorite, helping people plan great Disney Vacations at one of the Resort Hotels as a Concierge.

6. Walkable/Bicycle friendly roadways. A great opportunity to start that exercise program that you have been wanting to get to. Walking around World Showcase or riding a Surrey Bike around one of the resorts for new photo ops.

5. Fresh oranges, citrus and veggies year round. This fact added to the walkability of the Florida landscape could improve your overall health.

4. No State Income Tax – Less taxes than some states, depending where you live now, this could improve your income by 5% alone. You have more money to be able to enjoy retirement activities.

3. Cast Member perks. If you become a Cast Member, there is a Company Store backstage with cool Disney merchandise. A city behind the World includes uniform laundering and a barber for Cast Members. 7 Recognition Programs that Walt Disney World uses to recognize Cast Members for a job well done.

2. Being able to go to WDW whenever you want on FL Annual Passes. Just in case you decide not to work at the World, Florida residents get special rates for WDW passes. SO you can still go to the Parks anytime you want.

1. Time to see all those things that are on your “Next time we come we need to take the time to see” list. Resort hop and drink in the ambience of different places. All of the Resorts On Property have a specific theme and personality. It is fun to try out different restaurants at the Resorts and check out their Christmas decorations which are also themed to each resort. How about staying out late to check out nighttime activities since you don’t have to get up early and work (Only if you are not a Cast Member though)?

Well these are just a few things to consider when you begin planning for your WDW Retirement. I am sure you may think of some of your own. Most importantly, start thinking about it early, it helps you get through those crazy workdays at your job now (but not while you are working)!

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