12 Fun Facts about Disney’s The Seas With Nemo and Friends

The Seas

Located in Future World West at Disney’s Epcot, The Seas with Nemo and Friends immerses guests into a world of oceanic discovery. Spanning two floors, this aquatic pavilion is home to an extravagant array of marine life, including some familiar faces. Here are twelve facts about Seabase. 12. Original Title The Seas with Nemo and Friends was originally called The ...

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8 Things That Will Give You Goosebumps at Epcot

Epcot Spaceship Earth

A trip to Disney is full of experiences that will give you butterflies, take your breath away, or send you into a tizzy of child-like wonder. Our favorite experiences are those that give you goosebumps, and a visit to Epcot is sure to give you plenty. Here is our list of the eight things that will give you goosebumps on ...

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Epcot World Showcase Tour Series, Part 8: Germany (5 Reasons The Whole Family Will Love It!)

World Showcase - Germany

Guten Tag, and welcome to Germany! Within the boundaries of this pavilion, you will have abundant opportunities to taste incredible food, sip delicious beverages, browse fun and elegant merchandise, and rub elbows with serious Disney royalty. Offering the perfect balance of kid friendly fun, adult approved cuisine, and a healthy dose of Disney magic, here are 5 reasons Germany is ...

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5 Reasons Why Your Kids Will Love Epcot

Epcot Mickey

When my parents took me to Disney World for the first time when I was 7, we did not stop at Epcot. My parents did not think that Epcot was going to be a good choice for us because there was not much for kids to do there. But, things have changed since then. There is plenty for children to ...

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When Money Is No Object – 10 Things To Splurge On At Epcot

Spaceship Earth

While there are certainly ways to pinch pennies and save money at Walt Disney World; splurging on the luxuries can make a vacation even more magical. Epcot is my favorite park because of the cultural details of each country in World Showcase and the delicious food and drink available. Here is my list of the top ten items you should ...

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The 5 Things That Disney Pros Do First at Epcot


Epcot has a wide variety of things for you to see and do. Since there is so much at Epcot, guests need to have a game plan in place to accomplish as much as possible. Disney pros may differ on the restaurants to eat at, but Disney pros definitely agree on the five things that you must do first at ...

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Epcot World Showcase Tour Series, Part 7: Italy (5 Things that Prove Italy Has it All!)

Word Showcase - Italy

Buongiorno, e benvenuti in Italia! (And for you English speakers, “Hello, and welcome to Italy!”) After a bit of a hiatus, I’m so happy to announce that the World Showcase Tour Series is back in action. And we’re starting back with a bang, in one of my favorite Epcot Pavilions. Italy is known worldwide for its delicious food, incredible wine, ...

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Our Favorite 5 Counter Service Restaurants at Epcot

Sunshine Seasons

When you think about dining options at Epcot, you probably immediately start thinking about all of the table service restaurants there are to choose from in the World Showcase: Le Cellier, Chefs de France, Biergarten, or Via Napoli. However, there are great counter service options for guests to enjoy as well! Here are our favorite five counter service restaurants at ...

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8 Things You May Be Missing In Epcot’s World Showcase

World Showcase

Epcot’s World Showcase is full of amazing representations of different countries around the world. Read below about 10 things you may be missing in Epcot’s World Showcase. 8. Exercise with a view! The World Showcase at Walt Disney World’s Epcot is not only filed with beautiful representations of countries, but it’s also great for exercise. If you walk from the ...

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Do You Know These 6 Secrets About EPCOT?

Epcot Monorail

Epcot offers innovative technology with the inclusion of cultural diversity all in one park. It is loved by many and incorporates many Disney concepts in its beautiful attractions, rides, and shows. Here are 6 secrets that people don’t know about Epcot! 6. The Original Plans Walt Disney came up with the idea for Epcot (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow) in ...

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