10 Tips for Relaxing at Disney

Serene view at EPCOT
Serene view at EPCOT

For a lot of people, including myself, we want to get as much done as possible when visiting Walt Disney World. Who knows when you’ll be back? You pay all this money just to get in the park, so you want to make sure you check everything off your list. And there’s nothing wrong with that! But sometimes we just need a break. Whether it’s five minutes or a whole day of relaxing, here are 10 tips for getting some downtime.

10. Plan Ahead

Always plan ahead. Make your reservations in advance and buy your tickets in advance. It will save you loads of time and hassle. Reservations are limited, so make sure you book 180 days in advance!

9. Spend a Day at the Pool

You pay a good amount of money to stay at a Disney resort; you might as well use it! If you save a day strictly for relaxation, you will thank yourself the next day. Let the kids run around and swim, while you relax a little bit poolside. They’ll have a blast and you will be able to give those feet a rest!

8. Allow Yourself to Take a Nap

Everyone is generally more pleasant to be around when they are fully rested. You’ll just be in a better mood overall. If sleeping in is not your thing, don’t be afraid to come back halfway through your day and take a nap at the resort. Or take some time to just relax, read, watch television, etc. You’ll be happy you did later on.

7. Take a Boat Ride or Walk

Disney puts a lot of effort on keeping its grounds and resorts beautiful, so make sure you take some time to really appreciate it. Take a peaceful stroll around your resort and enjoy the stunning landscape and architecture. Several resorts have boat rides that can take you to different parks, resorts, or even Downtown Disney. So take some time to enjoy everything outside the park. Even if you don’t have a destination, just ride the boat for a while.

6. Visit a Quick Service Restaurant

Even if it’s just for a snack, take some time to sit and enjoy your surroundings. Let it really soak in that you are at the “Happiest Place on Earth”. One of my favorite places to relax is at Columbia Harbour House in Magic Kingdom. I’ll grab a fried shrimp platter, mosey on upstairs and find a seat right next to the window. I love to look out at the Haunted Mansion and people watch. This way you can take a break from the crowds and get off your feet for a while!

5. Take a Slow Ride

There are so many rides at any of the four parks that are over looked, but are perfect for a quick break. Or nap… For example, take a cruise on the People Mover at Magic Kingdom. The kids will love it and you’ll get a chance to put your feet up. The American Adventure at Epcot also does the trick, although this one may be a bit boring for kids. But boring or not, like most indoor attractions, it’s air conditioned! And a little time the air conditioning might just save the day from any potential meltdowns!

4. Take a Train Ride at Magic Kingdom

One of the most over looked attractions in all of Disney World is the Walt Disney World Railroad. Not only is it a relaxing ride, but also it’s quite fun. You’ll get to see the whole park and can get off whenever you want! Feel the wind in your hair and plan what rides you’ll hit next.

3. Visit Club Cool at Epcot

Let’s face it; Epcot is a big park, especially if you decide to do Future World and World Showcase all in one day. If you’re wondering around looking for a place to sit, cool off, and possible try soda from around the world, then Club Cool is where you want to be. Kids and adults love to try the different flavors of soda while cooling off inside. Not only is this fun for everyone, but it will take you off your feet for a little while. Don’t forget to try the Beverly!

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2. Have an Adults Only Dinner

Family vacations are a blast, but every so often you need a chance to enjoy your trip, without worrying about kids. Disney World offers plenty of restaurants that are geared more towards adults than kids. So take advantage!

1. Enjoy the Moment

So you’ll probably spend a good majority of your trip at one of the four parks, but don’t let that stop you from giving yourself some downtime. There are plenty of benches and such throughout the parks to sit and people watch. Disney is the perfect place for that! Also take some time to really live in the moment and enjoy the little moments that make a family vacation really special. Take pictures, talk to each other, and just be together. You’ll be happy you did.

Everyone tends to be in a better mood when they get some rest and relaxation. Contrary to what most people believe, it is possible to take some time to relax at Walt Disney World. But above everything else, remember that you are in the “Happiest Place on Earth” with the people you love most! So take a deep breath and take it all in!

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