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8 Tips For Staying on Budget at Disney

Castle Money

A visit to Disney can be pretty taxing on the wallet, especially when you have multiple kids to feed, clothe and house during your trip. There are however a few things you can do to make the trip a little more easy on the budget. Here are a few tips that can help. 1. Eating Out – We have a ...

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12 Fascinating Facts about Disney

With a park as big as Disney World there are bound to be a few bizarre facts here and there that can elicit a chuckle, a “wow” or a gasp. We’ve listed a few below that I found wildly entertaining! 1. The Lost and Found dept. at Disney has “found” a number of weird objects around the park including a ...

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The 22 Highest Grossing Pixar & Disney Animated Movies

Disney Characters

Disney & Pixar movies are pure magic and the more magic the better apparently! There were a few surprises for me when I curated this list from across the Web. The monetary totals, that reflect world-wide box office sales, have been calculated in US dollars. I hope you find your favorite movie high up on the list! 22. Toy Story, ...

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How Not To Be A Jerk At Disney World

Jerk at Castle

I love every aspect of our trips to Disney and cherish each and every memory. At times however, there is a darker side to the Disney experience and it has nothing to do with the Cast Members, Mickey or Minnie. I’m talking about the few souls that decide they’d rather be grumpy and snap at people around them. This mean-sprited ...

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18 Impressive Facts About Disney

Castle Balloons

Because of Disney’s size and history both on screen and with it’s theme parks worldwide, there is an inexhaustable list of trivia and fun facts available to peruse! We hope you enjoy the following: 1. Wall-E, the lovable trash compactor was named after Walter Elias Disney. 2. In usual Disney fashion, characters from one movie are often hidden in other ...

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11 Free Things At Disney With or Without Park Passes

Downtown Disney

If you’re trying to save some money at Disney World but still want to have a great time, there are a lot of things to do, eat or drink, in and around the parks that don’t cost a dime! Take a look at our list below for some ideas on how to have a lot of fun without spending any ...

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Top 5 Amazing Guest Services People Overlook at Disney

Senses Spa

Walt Disney World is famous for making guests feel like they’re the only ones in the park. Every day cast members go out of their way to provide world-renowned guest services in order to ensure everyone has a magical day. However, below are a few extra special guest services that you might now know existed, and if taken advantage of ...

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Our Personal List Of The Coolest Jobs at Disney World

Cast Members In Animal Kingdom

They’re always smiling, greeting passers-by with a cheery “how are you today?” Always diligent and competently completing their tasks, they make our time at Disney World Resort oh-so-nice… can you guess who I’m talking about? Yep! That’s right! Our tireless Disney Cast Members. After countless hours in the parks, resorts and Downtown Disney, I’ve developed a mental list of what ...

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