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20 Experiences You Simply MUST Have at Walt Disney World in Your Lifetime

Castle Fireworks

Walt Disney World in Florida is known as the “Vacation Kingdom”.  With four world-class theme parks, 20+ resort hotels, two waterparks, five golf courses, shopping, dining, nightlife, and dozens of restaurants, there is so much to do!  Disney is constantly innovating and updating their parks and resorts.  It is nearly impossible to see and do everything.  Here are 20 Non-Negotiables ...

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Here’s What’s In Store For Disney World’s 50th Anniversary!

50th Anniversary

In 2021 Walt Disney World Resort will celebrate its 50th anniversary, so you can certainly expect the celebrations to go all the way “to infinity and beyond”! But while it might seem “far away”, it’s sure to come around in no time as most things often do. With that said, the longer you have to prepare for your visit – ...

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Why Cruising With Disney Is TOTALLY Worth The Money

If you’re a true Disney fan, you must set sail on a Disney Cruise at least once in your life! Once you embark, you’re guaranteed the finest service and amenities. Simply put- it’s the best around!    I was a little skeptical when we boarded our first cruise, thinking I’d disembark a few days later tired and ready for the ...

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A Comparison of Magic Kingdom Resorts At Walt Disney World


When staying at Disney World there are a lot of options to choose from.  These resorts are designed to meet every possible theme, price point, and location.  Some of the most wonderful resorts are nestled around the Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake near the Magic Kingdom. These five resorts offer a bevy of amenities to guests, so you will want to do ...

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10 Best Thrills at Walt Disney World

Summit Plummet

We all know Walt Disney World as a place for wonder, magic, and happiness. But what about thrills? While it may have more of a reputation for whimsy, Disney is actually the place to be when it comes to exhilarating roller coasters, action-packed water rides, and fast-paced fun! Read on for the eight best thrills to be found at the ...

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10 Walt Disney World Rules You Should Always Follow

Planning Trip Disneuy

A trip to Walt Disney World is one of the most exciting vacations ever devised. So much prep and planning goes into action even before you’ve stepped foot on the resort. As magical and wonderful as Disney World is, there are a few rules and guidelines you should follow before taking on the parks. These rules are to ensure guests ...

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Magic Kingdom 101: An Overview of Disney’s Most Popular Park

7 Dwarfs Mine Train

Walt Disney World in Florida is preparing for its 50th Golden Anniversary, with new attractions, rides, restaurants, stage shows, fireworks extravaganzas, parades, and many more exciting surprises awaiting Disney World fans.  Walt Disney World, which opened to the public on October 1, 1971, is already the most visited vacation resort in the world, with an average annual attendance of more than 52 ...

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Incredible Things To Do Outside Of Walt Disney World Parks At Night

Trader Sams

Visiting the theme parks at Walt Disney World is our favorite part of any Disney trip.  However, at times, we appreciate a break from the crowds of the theme parks at night by choosing to do something outside of the parks.  Disney World is more than theme parks, so be sure to schedule some time outside of the parks on ...

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A Complete Guide For Planning Your Walt Disney World Trip

Balloons Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

We could write an article that goes all the way to infinity, beyond and back again on how to plan for your Disney trip. But the truth is that if it can’t be summed up in a short and simple one, then you’ll probably never end up going! All you need to know are the basics, and the rest will ...

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