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10 Mistakes Rookies Make At Walt Disney World Resort

Castle Parade

Your first trip to Disney is bound to be magical, exciting and fun for everyone. However, with so much to experience, it’s easy to make mistakes that could cost you money, time and just a pleasant trip overall. Here are 10 rookie mistakes to avoid when visiting the parks: 10. Not Utilizing Fastpass+ Some people believe that making FastPasses takes ...

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20 Reasons Walt Disney World Is the Most Magical Place On Earth

20 Reasons

Walt Disney World in central Florida is considered by many to be the most magical place on earth. Why? The reasons are myriad. Here are 20 reasons. Can you think of more? 1) Cast Members – The Disney parks are well-known for their hospitality. The cast members believe that their job is to make your vacation special. You may occasionally ...

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8 Things You Will Love About Disney Springs

Disney Springs

Disney Springs is the new and improved Downtown Disney. Once again, Disney has spared no expense in this exciting new expansion. Read below 10 things you will love about Disney Springs. 8. Parking: In the past parking has been a huge headache for trying to get into Downtown Disney. Parking is still free for Disney Springs, but now there is ...

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10 Secret Walt Disney World Pressed Penny Locations

Many Disney fanatics have learned that pressed pennies make a great souvenir of their vacations to the Disney World Resort. At a cost of only 51 cents per pressed penny, it is an economical souvenir. The various buttons and cranks that the machines have make it a fun interactive experience as well. (I’m still partial to the crank models.) And ...

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Top 8 Best Line Queues in All of Walt Disney World

Lines are a big part of Walt Disney World. There are articles dedicated to keeping you and your family from losing their marbles in long lines. If you’re tired of playing thumb wars, sick of Rock, Paper, Scissor battles, and completely bruised from numerous games of Slaps, we suggest you start enjoying Walt Disney World’s line queues. Disney World has ...

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7 Tips for Finding Elusive Disney Characters at Epcot

Minnie Mouse Epcot

7. Visit the parks when a new College Program session is starting: The characters are always super eager to help new students and interns of the Disney College Program – a program where college students can spend a semester working for Disney Parks and taking college courses on property – get used to their new jobs, so sometimes the more ...

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10 Appalling Behaviors That Don’t Belong at Walt Disney World

Disney Castle

While Disney World may be considered the most magical place on earth, the behavior of some guests can be less than magical. Whether it’s the excessive heat, the nonstop schedule, or perhaps the desire to get their money’s worth, something drives these park visitors to display attitudes and conduct that seem in direct contrast to those that Walt hoped to ...

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