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10 Experiences You Might Want to Skip if Your Time at Walt Disney World is Limited

Living With The Land

Walt Disney World is, in my opinion, the greatest theme park in the world. It consists of four fantastic Parks: the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. There are thrilling rides, extraordinary attractions, musical stage shows, sensational parades, dazzling fireworks, and so much more. Walt Disney was a true visionary and with Mickey Mouse as his partner created ...

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10 Almost Secret Pressed Penny Locations Around Disney World Resort Hotels

Pressed Pennies

If you’ve begun a pressed penny collection on your Disney World vacations, you know how vast the choices are and how hidden some selections can be. It’s easy to find pressed penny machines when you’re in the parks. But there are several machines scattered around the hotels as well, which require extra effort to obtain. Here are a few locations ...

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10 Things to Pack for a Summer Trip to Walt Disney World

Disney Suitcase

When preparing and planning for a summer trip to WDW, it can be overwhelming to figure out what exactly you need to pack. While there are many specific things that your family will need, here are 10 things that everyone should have packed for their trip: 10.) Ponchos/Umbrellas If you live in or have ever been to Florida, then you ...

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The 12 Best Disney Experiences of All Time

Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is such an amazing vacation destination and one of the most popular in the world. There are so many unique and magical experiences to have all throughout this marvelous resort. The following are my top 12 best Disney experiences of all time in no particular order. 12. Fireworks and light show over and on Cinderella’s Castle This ...

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5 Day Trip Plan for Walt Disney World

Disney Castle Fireworks

We often struggle with what an appropriate length of a Walt Disney World vacation should be – a quick weekend trip to check out a new restaurant or menu items at the Food and Wine Festival? Or maybe a week-long trip to celebrate the kids making it through another year at school or maybe an anniversary? Balancing all of the ...

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8 Ways To Do Disney with Reluctant Teens

Disney Castle and Bridge

When you have teenagers, a visit to Walt Disney World could be the last place they want to vacation. It’s important to make your teens feel included and enthusiastic about the vacation, and here are some ways to do Disney with your reluctant Teens: 8.) Put them in charge of Pictures If you have a teen addicted to technology, what ...

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10 Tips For Surviving Disney World With Kids Of All Ages!

Castle balloons

Disney is made for families of all sizes and ages! But sometimes you’ll see parents stressed out in the parks… That doesn’t have to be you! Here are some tips to make your family Disney trip the very best it can be. 10. Go Early – If you’ve got little ones, chances are they’re up with the sun, so getting ...

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10 Things You Should Have With You In Disney Parks

Cinderella's Castle and Backpack

While ideally we would all like to go to the parks without a bag in tow, for many of us that’s just not possible. I’ve compiled a list of things you should take with you into the parks to save you time, money, and your patience. 1. MagicBand or card In order to get into the park you’ll need your ...

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