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12 Tips To Improve Your Next Trip To Disney World

Cinderella's Castle

We’ve all been there; your vacation ends and you start to reflect on all of the things that you should have done differently. There is so much to do at the happiest place on earth, and it is easy to forget certain things or not take occurrences that may happen into account, so here are twelve tips to improve your ...

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10 Secrets From A Disney Veteran To Ensure A Fabulous Trip

Castle Main St. USA

I love Disney. I really love Disney vacations. As a self- proclaimed Disney subject matter expert I’ve taken a personal mission to educate anybody who would listen of the joy that is vacationing with Disney. I’m always surprised by the amount of, ahem, “grown-ups”, who have visited a Disney Resort but had no idea how to make the best of ...

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Have You Heard These 20 Interesting Facts From Walt Disney World Cast Members?

cast members

Walt Disney World employs more than 66,000 cast members, spending more than $1.2 billion on payroll each year. The largest single-site employer in the United States, Walt Disney World has more than 3,700 job classifications. While cast members are not really supposed to share behind-the-scenes secrets with the general public, today’s modern technology along with the internet allows cast member secrets to find their ...

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7 Things You Should Do The Week Before You Leave for Disney

Walt Disney World

Planning a Disney trip begins months in advance. You may make your resort reservations a year before you intend on visiting the parks and circle the date on your calendar, but as your trip grows closer, there are a lot of things that you need to consider doing before making it to the parks! Here is our list of the ...

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15 Things That REALLY Annoy True Disney Fans

WDW Sign

As a former cast member, and diehard Disney fan, I like to think that I’m pretty laid back and easy going. I definitely prefer to stay out of drama, and it really takes a lot to get on my nerves. That being said, there are some things, that as a true Disney fan, really do annoy me, no matter how ...

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12 Sensational Jobs At Walt Disney World Outside of Magic Kingdom

Cast Member

For many guests, the Magic Kingdom is THE place to go when visiting the Walt Disney World Resort. Of course, this makes perfect sense, as it is the original Florida park, and it tends to be where some of the most magical moments of your vacation will take place. It is important however, to recognize that some of the most ...

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Have You Been On These Top 10 Most Sensational Rides at Walt Disney World?

Ride with the castle

With so many amazing rides, narrowing a list down to the top ten at Walt Disney World was no easy task. Before jumping into the following list, of the top ten most sensational rides, here’s some honorable mentions that just barely missed the cut: it’s a small world, Peter Pan’s Flight, Pirates of the Caribbean, Expedition Everest, and Rock n’ ...

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Requirements of Walt Disney World Transportation Cast Members

Contemporary Resort Monorail

Ask any group of Disney fanatics what their dream job at Walt Disney World would be, and a great many would likely reply “monorail driver”. And why not? It’s an iconic position at the Disney resort that looks like a lot of fun. Disney World Transportation runs under the philosophy “getting there is part of the fun”. They do their ...

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Do You Have These 6 Budget-Friendly Collectibles From Walt Disney World?

Pressed Pennies

A Disney vacation has come to be synonymous with spending lots of money. However, that doesn’t necessarily need to be true. For instance, the following souvenir collectibles are some of the most affordable, while still packing plenty of memory-preserving punch. 6. Tsum-Tsums – Have you become as addicted as I have to the tsum-tsum game app? Those cuddly characters get ...

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