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5 Compelling Reasons Why Everyone Should Visit Disney World

There is no place on Earth like Disney World. Both figuratively and literally. With that in mind, here are 5 compelling reasons why everyone should visit the most magical place on Earth: 5.) Cinderella’s Castle. There is just nothing like the most iconic symbol of Disney World. From that first breath-taking view of it on Main Street, to the detailed ...

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10 Reasons Disney World Resorts Are As Fun As The Parks

There are so many fun activities offered at Disney World’s many fabulous resorts, and most of them are available to all guests, meaning you don’t even have to be staying at the resort to enjoy them! 1. Tours There are some fabulous tours offered at Walt Disney World, and many of them are quite pricey. Did you know, however, that ...

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Top 10 Reasons We Love Walt Disney World (and Keep Coming Back for More!)

One could simply “go to Disney World”…but not a Disney Fanatic. No, a Disney Fanatic appreciates the subtle differences that make a Disney visit (whether hours or weeks long) truly magical. A Disney Fanatic knows that from the moment you spot the sign, you somehow get transported away from every other reality and are able to immerse in a place ...

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How to Become A Disney Pro in 10 Easy Steps

A trip to Disney can be pretty intimidating if you don’t know the ropes. Your first trip to Disney can be quite the challenge but you can become a Disney pro in no time! Here are ten easy steps to make you a Disney pro before your next trip! 1. Study the maps beforehand. Before you get to Orlando, get ...

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20 Unbelievable Facts About the Magic Kingdom

Walt Disney World is known as the “Vacation Kingdom” and “The Most Magical Place on Earth”. The centerpiece is most certainly the Magic Kingdom, the most popular theme park in the world, with over 18 million guests per year. The young and the young at heart are enchanted and captivated by the sights, sounds and smells of this “Magic Kingdom”. ...

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13 Chilling Facts About The Tower of Terror in Hollywood Studios

Tower of Terror _ disney world

If I were stranded on a deserted island and could only take one Disney attraction with me, hands down Tower of Terror would be it. True story. I was eleven years old when I experienced my first “free fall” on the doomed elevator located in the dilapidated and haunted Hollywood Tower Hotel and have been captivated ever since, some 20 ...

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10 Tips For Doing Disney Like A Pro

When it comes to a Disney World vacation, there are plenty of factors to consider. From resorts and attractions to meal reservations, relaxing on a vacation can actually seem like a challenge! While the stress of a vacation may be a threat, it can definitely be avoided. Here are ten basic guidelines to help you experience the maximum amount of ...

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Top 10 Hidden Gems at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom is currently under extensive renovation and additions. Avatar Land is scheduled to open in 2017. Discovery River is under renovation and expansion for a new night show that is opening at the park. A new section of Africa is scheduled to open very soon allowing an additional passageway to Asia. While there is a lot to look forward ...

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7 Things You Should NEVER Do When Standing In Line At Disney

Crowd Entrance Magic Kingdom _ busiest days

It’s inevitable that when visiting any of the Disney parks, you will have to stand in line when waiting for an attraction, show, restaurant, and even for transportation. When it comes to the attractions, standing in line is actually part of the experience, and typically lasts way longer than the ride itself. No one likes waiting in long lines, but ...

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