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9 Romantic Disney World Activities You Might Be Missing!

Disney knows romance. Think about some of the most memorable scenes straight out of a Disney animated classic that set your heart a-flutter. There’s Rapunzel and Flynn drifting with locked-eyes on a boat under a night sky full of floating lanterns. Lady and the Tramp show us how to make a spaghetti and meatball dinner date swoon-worthy and dreamy. Aladdin ...

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12 Ways To Enjoy The Magic At Disney World

There is no shortage of magic to be found in the parks on a Walt Disney World vacation. Beyond the attractions and rides, Disney has much more to offer. You should be able to find something that would appeal to everyone in your family, and will probably have the all – to common problem of “not enough time” to see ...

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10 Amazing Facts About Main Street USA

Main Street USA is the gateway into the mystique and magic of the Magic Kingdom. Various shops line the city streets, bakeries and confectionaries are producing sweet treats by the hundreds, and has thousands of photos taken with the iconic backdrop of Cinderella Castle on a daily basis. I would classify this as the base line of the ideal “American” ...

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Top 15 To-Dos At Epcot

With so many attractions, Epcot might seem intimidating; here are fifteen essential experiences! 15) Visit every country in the World Showcase. This task is particularly convenient, since you can visit each country simply by walking in the full circle of the Showcase. If you have enough energy and time, stop and enjoy the shops and performances in each country—or at ...

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16 Things We’d Totally Miss If Disney Didn’t Exist

All of us have lived in a world surrounded by Disney. The company was started in 1923 so it is closely approaching its centennial in 2023, and there are very few people left who lived in the pre-Disney era. Disney has simply been all around us. We’ve always had Mickey Mouse and Snow White. Later on, Disneyland and Disney World ...

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Top 10 Souvenir Shops At Disney World

In addition to the magic and thrill of all the rides and attractions at Walt Disney World, there are so many themed souvenir shops that you will need an extra day just to shop, especially for Christmas, Birthday, or other special occasions. Here is a list of my favorites. 10. The After Market Shop — Test Track—Epcot — The After ...

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9 Magic Kingdom Activities Boys (and tomboys) Will Love!

We often hear all about how magical Disney is for young girls and have seen the enchanting photos of princess transformations and fairytale like adventures that make it a perfect destination for the little ladies in your life. And though Disney Princesses are an integral part of the Magic Kingdom (after all, Cinderella Castle is indeed the crown jewel of ...

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6 Reasons Why Disney World is the Perfect College Spring Break Trip!

Spring Break is quickly approaching college campuses and students are eager to get a well deserved vacation from their studies. While some might choose to go the typical beach route, there are some of us who would rather have a much tamer way to blow off steam. No matter what vacation you choose, Spring Break hot spots will always be ...

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How To Do Disney on a $2,200 Budget – Plan #3


This is the final article in a series of three that details a Walt Disney World vacation on a budget. So far, we’ve offered one plan that includes an on-site hotel with a promotional room rate and one plan that includes an off-site hotel. For this plan, we take advantage of Disney’s most popular promotion, Free Disney Dining. For the ...

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