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7 Fascinating Facts About Disney World Water Rides

Whether you’re letting your feet rest as you drift along the peaceful waters of “it’s a small world,” zip-a-dee-doo-ahhing your way to that headfirst plummet into Splash Mountain’s briar patch, or getting unapologetically soaked to the bone on Kali River Rapids, it’s safe to say Disney knows how to delight park guests on their wonderful water rides. What’s not to ...

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5 Ways To Support Your Disney Habit

I am a self professed Disney Addict, and I fail to see a problem with it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with loving Disney just a tad bit more than the general population. Did I say “a tad bit more”? I meant a lot. My fellow Disney Addicts and I love all things Disney a lot more than most people ...

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Top 5 Must Do’s on Main Street USA In Magic Kingdom

Main Street U.S.A. was created by Walt Disney as a kind of tribute to his hometown, Marceline, Missouri. Everything Walt Disney did with Disneyland and Walt Disney World was to commemorate small town U.S.A. This simplistic lifestyle and tribute to America is something that has always been very near and dear to Walt’s incredibly patriotic heart. The Walt Disney Railroad ...

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6 Pavilions We’d Love to See in the World Showcase

Epcot’s World Showcase is truly immaculate and not to be missed during your Disney trip. You sample the sights, sounds and tastes of another country. There is a large variety in the current eleven pavilions: Mexico, Norway, Germany, Japan, China, Italy, Canada, U.S., England, France and Morocco. We get a touch of culture from nearly every part of the world, ...

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Top 10 Ways Disney Disappoints

disney disappoints _ Disney High Expectations

Disney is so disappointing in so many ways (insert sarcasm). Who knew that one place could cause so much heart ache and rancor? Here are my top 10 reasons why Disney disappoints. 10. Disney Makes You Compare Walt Disney instilled his values into his company and laid out strict guidelines that the company still follows to this day. This in ...

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Wild about Characters: 10 Meet & Greets You Must Do at Animal Kingdom

You’ve heard the “Animal Kingdom is a half day park” claim time and time again, right? Well, if you’re looking for extra amusements to fill out your day there, be sure to check out their wide selection of character greeting opportunities. Animal Kingdom boasts several that are exclusive to that park- Baloo, King Louie, Dug, Russell, Pocahontas, and Rafiki. If ...

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10 Ways Disney Is Better Than The Real World

Disney will always be better than living in the Real World. I’m not just talking about the theme parks. I’m talking about all things Disney! Even just watching my favorite childhood favorites helps me escape my mundane everyday life. There are a few things that Disney just does better than anything our Real World can offer. Here are just a ...

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5 Things You Should Know About Disney’s Monorail System

One of the rites of passage of every Disney guest is boarding the Walt Disney World Monorail System and being whisked into the Magic Kingdom or Epcot. There is simply nothing that creates the magic quite like riding the monorail into one of the parks and enjoying the company of others who are on board with you and equally elated. ...

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