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4 Controversial Disney Topics That Might Get You Into a Fight, Cont.

4 Controversial Disney Topics

Did reading “5 Controversial Disney Topics That Might Get You Into a Fight” leave you thinking, “but there are more controversies not covered here”? If so, check out our follow-up article. In this article, we’ll look at 4 more controversial topics that are sure to get you primed and ready for a healthy Disney debate. 1. FastPass+ viewing areas for ...

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The Top 10 Things I’d Take Home From Disney If I Could

Cinderella's Castle in Disney World

If I were given the choice of ANY 10 things to take home from Disney, I would choose the following: 10. All The Candy In Goofy’s Candy Co.—Downtown Disney(Soon to be Disney Springs) Okay, so I’m a candy fanatic also, but how awesome would it be to have all the goodies that are in Goofy’s Candy Store in my kitchen ...

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Disney For Chickens – Walt Disney World for the Faint of Heart

Disney For Chickens

When people find out that I am a self-proclaimed Disney Fanatic, they often regale me with a list of their favorite Disney rides. These conversations often begin something like this: “Oh, wow! Don’t you just love Space Mountain!” or “Expedition Everest is awesome! I could ride it over and over again!” I always smile and nod approvingly, but in my ...

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5 Favorite Dining Experiences at Hollywood Studios

Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater

Disney’s Hollywood Studios consistently dazzles its guests with all the glitz and glamour of old Hollywood. This theme park never fails to keep us entertained with innovative and immersive rides and attractions but the real draw, for me at least, is the fantastic dining locations found within these gates. With over 25 dining sites (not even including the food carts!) ...

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Epcot’s Future World – 12 Things You Don’t Want to Miss!

Epcot - Future World

Epcot is home to Future World and the World Showcase. While in World Showcase, you can enjoy food and drink from around the world, Future World is home to an amalgamation of rides, attractions, food, and fun you do not want to miss out on. Here is our list of the things you do not want to miss out on ...

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Top 5 Magic Kingdom Restaurants

Columbia Harbor House

Like the barrage of rides and attractions at the Magic Kingdom, the dining options are vast and varied. Choosing a place to satisfy your appetite can be overwhelming and have you wandering around like Oaken (I couldn’t resist!), uncertain of which direction to go to receive the best overall dining experience. We here at Disney Fanatic agree that all of ...

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5 Controversial Disney Topics That Might Get You Into a Fight

Cinderella's Castle in Disney World

Do you ever have the urge to strike up conversation with a fellow Disney guest, perhaps on a standby queue, while waiting for a parade, or on a Disney bus? If so, here are 5 sentiments that you might want to steer clear of expressing in any of those situations. They’re a Disney fanatic’s equivalent to bringing up religion and ...

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10 Signs You Might be Metamorphasizing into a Disney Character

Disney Hairstyle

Have you been spending all your days watching Disney movies, shopping at the Disney Store, or planning your next Disney vacation? If you have, you may not know it yet, but you may be changing into a Disney character yourself! But don’t worry, there’s no need call a doctor; this is natural for us Disney fanatics. But just for precautionary ...

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