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Top 10 Classic Disney World Rides of All Time

What makes an attraction a “classic”? Perhaps it has something to do with a combination staying power and longevity, nostalgia, popularity, and familiar Disney whimsy that makes adults and children alike want to experience it over and over. Here is our Top 10 list of Disney World’s classic attractions of all time. 10. Space Mountain Perhaps not a classic in ...

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8 Controversial Changes At Disney World

cinderellas castle _ disney world _ controversial changes

Change is inevitable. Walt Disney himself said: “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” Yet more times than not, change is difficult to accept. Here are some of the more controversial changes that have been made through the years at Disney: 8. Changing Or Closing ...

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Top 9 ‘Liked’ Articles of 2014 on

Hello Disney Fanatics! We are so pleased to share your love of all things Disney through our website. Our thanks go out to our wonderful writing staff and especially you, our fans. Here’s our list of our top 10 most ‘liked’ articles on the site. Enjoy! 9. 10 Reasons You MUST Visit Disney In Winter At Least Once In Your ...

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8 Classic Must Do Experiences At Disney

There are so many classic must do experiences at Walt Disney World—meaning it’s time to mention a few runner ups that didn’t quite make this list, but are still classics in their own rights. Tomorrowland is full of classic attractions: Space Mountain, the Carousel of Progress, and the Peoplemover, all of which I would consider must do’s if my list ...

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5 Awesome But Little Known Services Offered At Walt Disney World

Cinderella's Castle

There are some incredible services offered at Walt Disney World that some guests may be be familiar with. I have listed a few of them in this article, some of which I have actually taken advantage of. The ones I have used are exceptional, and as usual, Disney cast members always go the extra mile to make sure each and ...

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9 Ways That Disney Makes Me Despise Reality

We may not always “despise” the real world, but Disney and its movies do have a tendency to bring out the less magical parts of normal life. Here’s what our lives are missing! 9. Random songs are rarely acceptable for anyone over the age of ten. You may make some friends or get some laughs by singing “The Circle of ...

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5 Ticketed Events You Might Be Missing at Disney World

As a longtime Disney Passholder, I’m always seeking out new and unconventional ways to enjoy Disney that don’t just entail going inside their Parks for the day and experiencing the rides and attractions. Luckily for me, Disney offers a whole host of ticketed events and packages that help keep me from ever hitting that “Disney wall” and have me constantly ...

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8 Things You Should Consider Bringing With You Into The Disney Parks

Disney Parks _ What To Take _ Disney Fanatic

When planning a trip to Walt Disney World, there are certain things that you must bring. These things are essential to ensuring your Disney vacation goes off without a hitch. Here are my 8 things you must take to a Disney park. 8. Sunscreen Florida’s nickname is the Sunshine State for a reason– it is very sunny. When planning a ...

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Top 5 Things REAL Disney Fans Should Wear Into The Parks

The Disney Parks are a setting that encourages the free-spirited, fun and carefree child within you to blossom to the surface. On an average day, you might not paint a Mickey Mouse head on your face or wear a green Goofy hat with dangling ears to the grocery store, but on Disney park day you can and should do just ...

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6 Amazing Facts about New Fantasyland Inside the Magic Kingdom

As the largest expansion project in the 41-year history of the Magic Kingdom Park, it’s no wonder that everyone is flocking to see all the new and exciting things that the reinvented Fantasyland offers. New Fantasyland is the closest we’ll ever get to stepping inside a classic animated Disney film. The gateway is none other than the majestically grand Cinderella’s ...

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