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5 Rookie Mistakes When Visiting Disney World

Cinderella's Castle _ shocking Disney Stories

Going to Disney World is a big deal for most visitors, from the first timer to the yearly pass holder, everyone gets excited about their trip to Disney. Plans are done far in advance, which gives enough time to build anticipation and high expectations for the perfect family trip…or the worst. When visiting Disney for the first time or even ...

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Top 10 Disney Comfort Foods

10 Disney Comfort Foods

At some point or another, we all reach for comfort food. Some of us do this after a long, hard day. Others do it simply because it makes them happy. I don’t know about you, but when all else seems wrong in the world, a big bowl of rocky road ice cream seems to make everything right once more (at ...

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Top 8 Favorite Cart Foods at Disney

8 Favorite Cart Foods At Disney

Ok, let’s be honest. To say that there are only 8 favorite cart foods is a stretch. I could probably title this Top 100 Favorite Cart Foods and still have some left over. While riding teacups and giant elephants is fun, the thing I look forward to the most, and plan for the best is the FOOD at Disney. We ...

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Top 9 Hidden Gems at Epcot

9 Hidden Gems At Epcot

I remember coming to Disney World as a kid and my parents not taking me to Epcot. I think they thought it was not going to be kid-friendly or have anything of interest to me, but that is wrong! Epcot gets this reputation because of events like the International Food and Wine Festival (running from mid-September to early-November every year) ...

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10 Misconceptions About Disney World

10 Misconceptions About Disney

There are plenty of things about Disney World that are critique-worthy. Some don’t like the new FastPass+ system. Others don’t like the long waits for Disney buses. Many are unhappy that old favorite attractions are sometimes closed in favor of newer, more popular experiences. Here are 10 critiques, however, that may not be warranted. You may hear guests who are ...

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Quality Family Time – 7 Of Our Favorite Activities For Families at Disney

Castle Fireworks

Vacation is family time and there’s no better place to experience quality family time than at Disney. Here are 8 of our favorite activities for families at Disney World. 7. Character Dining – schedule a meal in the parks or at one of Disney’s resorts where your family can enjoy delicious food while lovable disney characters stop by and visit. ...

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11 Things You Might Not Know You Can Do at Disney World

Castle Sky

Frequent visitors may be familiar with most of these, but they were all unknown to me before I really started doing my Disney research. Ranging from convenient to insanely cool, hopefully you find one of these 11 tidbits helpful! Did you know that you can… 11. Bring your own food Yup, Disney allows you to pack your own snacks- even ...

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Top 10 Reasons You Should Visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Top 10 Reasons You Should Visit Animal Kingdom

Walt Disney was always fond of animals and wanted to involve live animals in his theme parks. It wasn’t until 32 years after his passing that his dream finally came to fruition, with Disney World’s fourth theme park, the Animal Kingdom. Often overlooked by central Florida guests, here are 10 reasons you should visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom on your next ...

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Top 5 Restaurant Picks at Disney Resorts – Reviews and Tips

Ohana's At The Polynesian Resort

While the theme parks at Walt Disney World have many great restaurants, don’t overlook the dining possibilities at the Disney resort hotels. Here are my top 5 restaurant choices outside the Disney parks. 1. Boma – Located at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, Jambo House, this family restaurant serves both breakfast and dinner, buffet style. Inspired by African cultures and influences, ...

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