Jungle Cruise Review: A Wonderful Journey Through the Amazon

The summer movie season continued the schedule of releases this weekend with the arrival of “Jungle Cruise” in theatres, as well as on Disney+ through the premier access program.  Regardless of the venue that you choose to view the movie in, it was another amazing addition to the Disney film archive for families to enjoy in the years that come. ...

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Disney+ New “Chip ‘n Dale Park Life”: A Review

Another in the long line of Disney+ releases dropped early this morning along with the newest episode of Monsters at Work. This new animated show features two beloved characters – Chip and Dale as we follow their comic misadventures in the park that they call home. The inaugural episode was only 22 minutes in length, so it does not require a ...

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7 Ways To Incorporate Disney Into Your Style

Minnie Mouse Hairstyle

Do you want to display your love of everything Disney, but also value your own personal style? Worry not! Here are seven easy ways to bring Disney influences into your aesthetic, making your look one that’s full of both Disney magic and individuality!    1. Change your hair. It’s safe to say that hairstyles are one of Disney characters’ biggest ...

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Disney+ Review: Secret Society of Second-Born Royals

As there has finally been a slowing of the original television content being released by Disney+, we have had an opportunity to check out some of the original movies that have been released recently.  This week we watched “Secret Society of Second-Born Royals” which was released back in September 2020.  But, with the constant stream of new content, this one ...

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Original Disney+ Content That Could Inspire New Attractions at the Parks

Lately, Disney has been busy churning out original content for its streaming platform Disney+, with plenty of projects on the horizon too, including more Marvel and Star Wars TV shows. However, due to the ongoing pandemic, things at Disney World have, by comparison, understandably slowed down. That’s not to say there’s nothing new to look forward to at the parks – especially with the ...

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What Future Star Wars Shows Could Learn From Marvel’s “WandaVision”

Marvel’s WandaVision has now come to an end on Disney+, but what a show! It expanded the universe beyond that cinematic one with a unique concept and compelling narrative, all the while striking an impressive balance between its hilarious parody of the traditional American sitcom with more familiar MCU territory. But fear not – there’s more in the way of MCU shows on the horizon, and ...

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Worst Disney Film Sequels We Wish We Could Forget About

Like all other movie studios, Disney isn’t immune to making bad sequels. Sequels by their very nature struggle to live up to the originals, so sometimes it’s unavoidable. And while Disney is best known for their animated features, it wouldn’t be much fun listing all the straight-to-video sequels, would it? After all, most of those ones aren’t great when compared to their ...

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The Best Disney Gifts for 2020

World of Disney

’Tis the season to buy Disney! And boy, have we got plenty of ideas to share with you for 2020 holiday gift giving in full Disney mode. Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, or just looking to brighten up the end of what’s been a pretty rough year with some uplifting Disney magic, we have the ultimate list of trending Disney ...

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Best Disney Movies To Watch For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to come together with family and loved ones to share in food, festivities, and fellowship. Gathering together for a little heartwarming movie watching is also on the list of traditions for many. And due to their family-friendly nature, we feel that our suggestion for unwinding with a couple Disney movies throughout the day should be uppermost ...

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Best Disney Movies to Watch for Christmas

The most joyful time of the year is right around the corner and Disney embraces it with open arms! Besides spending the holidays at Walt Disney World, watching Disney movies is a wonderful way to get into the spirit. Today we’ll discuss eight “must-see” flicks that are perfect for evenings of family time, crackling fireplaces, and mugs of hot chocolate. ...

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