Characters Surprise and Comfort Disney’s Sheltering Guests

hurricane ian disney characters

Hurricane Ian continues to create issues and dangers for Florida residents, as well as other residents in southeast American states. The hurricane (which is now a tropical storm) has already caused Orlando International Airport and Port Canaveral to close, meaning that no planes can take off for any reason aside from emergency flights and no boats or Disney cruise ships ...

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OpEd: AI Should Never Replace Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’ Chadwick Boseman

Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther

While the world of technology and Hollywood’s forefront of revolutionary production methods reform the way companies and individuals go about creating new media and content, it’s clear that artificial intelligence is dominating the VFX industry faster than originally hoped. With this new technology quickly being perfected, should it ever replace actors who are no longer with us? Related: Life-Size Hulk ...

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Beloved Disney Character Getting Its Own Feature Film

figment feature film

In a move that’s surprised many fans, the beloved Disney character, Figment, will be getting his own feature film, and by a stellar crew. The last few weeks of the D23 Expo, and after as well, have been filled with exciting news and announcements about various new rides and attractions in the Disney Parks, upcoming movies and shows, and the ...

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VIDEO: Ryan Reynolds Surprises Fans with MCU Announcement

deadpool hugh jackman

Ryan Reynolds has done it again. The long-time actor took to Twitter to share news about the upcoming Deadpool movie and has fans overjoyed with a surprise reveal. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is one of many fans’ favorite Disney franchises. From the Avengers series to rising stars like Black Panther (2018), which has an exciting upcoming release this November, fans all over ...

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‘Disney on Ice’ Reveals Exciting New Show

disney on ice frozen encanto

The Disney magic is alive and well — and sometimes icy — in this new version of Disney on Ice! If you loved the Walt Disney Animation Studios Frozen films and fell in love with the new Walt Disney Animation Studios movie Encanto last year (and its famously-catchy musical numbers), then you might want to make the effort to head out ...

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‘After Hours’ Events Return to Disney World

disney after hours

Get ready for some good news, Disney Fanatics! Disney After Hours events are coming back in January! These popular events allow Walt Disney World Resort Guests to experience three more hours in Walt Disney World Resort theme parks after the Disney Parks have ‘closed’ and everyone else has headed back to their Disney Resort rooms for some rest. Essentially, you’ll ...

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Fans Call Disney ‘Stupid’ and ‘Homophobic’ for Canceling Show

the owl house canceled

The Walt Disney Company is facing significant backlash from fans and being called “stupid” and homophobic” for canceling a popular show. As Disney has been moving further into the streaming game with Disney+, the Company has been moving over many of its television franchises to its popular streaming service. While this has been happening, fans have noted a few exclusions ...

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Fans Argue Over Walt Disney’s ‘Gaudy’ Lamp Replacement

walt disney lamp apartment main street fire department

The division between Disney Fanatics has grown more and more tangible as Disney discontent rises among Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort Guests (and as Disney Guests continue to behave more and more inappropriately in the Disney Parks). Apparently, the next target of some Disney fans’ ire is the replacement lamp that has set up shop in Walt Disney’s ...

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Iconic EPCOT Musician Announces Her Exit

carol stein pianist

These days, Disney Guests are more likely to talk about the newest Disney Park roller coasters, the newest Disney Park policies, or the wildest Guest behavior that they have witnessed on a Disney vacation — but occasionally, Disney Guests are reminded of the old-school Disney magic that first attracted them to Walt Disney World Resort, and one person who exemplified ...

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Disney’s Misbehaving Guests Are Getting Their Own Documentary

stolen kingdom disney guests' behavior

It is no secret that Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort Guests have been behaving terribly — and that bad behavior has extended to Disney Resorts on an international scale as well in Disney Resorts like Disneyland Paris Resort or Shanghai Disneyland Resort — so many Disney Fanatics will not be surprised to learn that such an unprecedented level ...

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