How Well Do You Know Your Mickey Mouse Films?

Can you match these snapshots of Mickey Mouse with their movie title? If you liked this quiz, you’ll love our article “14 Amazing Steps To The The Birth Of Mickey Mouse.”

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8 Underrated Disney Films We’d Like To See More Of In Walt Disney World


Each day guests enjoy attractions at Walt Disney World inspired by the most popular Disney films. However, there are a number of fan favorites that are considered “underrated Disney movies” that don’t have a strong presence in the parks, or any presence at all. Some films like Tarzan had a short-lived presence in the parks, but others didn’t get much ...

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5 Reasons Why Disney’s ‘Cinderella’ Is A Must See!

As a die hard Disney fan, it’s a forgone conclusion that I’ll always catch the latest Disney flick to hit the big screen. That being said, taking on the herculean task of retelling the original European folk tale is no small feat, especially considering the charm and magic of Disney’s original 1950’s film. It is rumored that Walt Disney’s favorite ...

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7 Disney Films You Must Watch Before Your Trip, Part 2

Cinderella's Castle

(And Where to Find Their Stars in the Parks) If you haven’t already read Part 1 of “14 Disney Films You Must Watch Before Your Trip”, you can find it here. Join us now as we conclude our list of 14 films that you should watch before your Walt Disney World vacation! 8. Snow White Snow White was the film ...

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8 Reasons You Should Only Watch Disney Movies

There are many movies to watch nowadays, and sometimes it might be difficult to pick the right one. Here’s why you can’t go wrong with a Disney movie! ​ 1) They have something for everyone. When you think of Disney, your first thought might be of an animated film that you grew up with, such as Beauty and the Beast, ...

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