What Disney Heroines Would Look Like In Real Life – 14 Portraits

Disney Princess Heroines

Have you ever wished that your favorite Disney ladies were real? Well, an artist decided to paint portraits of a few of our Disney leading ladies and created something spectacular! Now, when you look in the eyes of these Disney heroines, it actually feels like they’re looking back! Painting by Jirka Vaatainen. Scroll to see them all. 14. Tinkerbell 13. ...

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7 Disney Films You Must Watch Before Your Trip

Cinderella's Castle

(And Where to Find Their Stars in the Parks) It’s nearly impossible to pick certain Disney films over others, but this list was created with the intention of providing an idea of what films have the most presence in the parks. This way, you and your little ones will be reacquainted with some of the parks’ most prominent characters before ...

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14 Amazing Steps To The The Birth Of Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse

Some of us grew up with Mickey Mouse in the days of black and white TV, and then watched in color and advanced animation. He is still just as endearing as he was in his infancy. Fame doesn’t seem to have turned his head, even though he has become a billionaire entrepreneur and famous celebrity! He has stayed true to ...

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Video – Tomorrowland Official Teaser Trailer

Disney's Tomorrowland

From Brad Bird the Director of Disney/Pixar’s “The Incredibles” and George Clooney, a new Disney Movie titled “Tomorrowland”. Imagine a place where nothing is impossible. Watch the brand new US teaser trailer now! To find out more: Entertainment Weekly: FIRST LOOK: George Clooney is a man out of time in Disney’s ‘Tomorrowland’ Disney’s Tomorrowland Facebook page

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What Is Your Classic Disney Movie IQ?

Disney Classics IQ Test

Don’t let your Classic Disney Movie genius mind go to waste. Test your knowledge base: Are you an average 85 or a gifted 130?

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The 5 Voices Behind the Billion Dollar Mickey Mouse

Walt Disney recording the voice of Mickey Mouse, with Clarence “Ducky” Nash doing the voice of Donald Duck.

6. Mickey’s First Words Have you ever wondered who was that famous little falsetto voice we know as Mickey Mouse? That honor has gone to only a few gentlemen over 8 decades beginning with the founder of The Walt Disney Company, Walt himself. The voice of any person or especially a character animation is of paramount importance because it is ...

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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – 8 Facts About This Beginning of Disney’s Dynasty

Snow White

When something is great there could be a certain amount of luck involved. However, when it comes to a Disney production, one man’s vision and a staff with artistic skills on the genius level made the now billion dollar dream come true! Such is the case of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Below are facts that will treat you ...

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Disney Has Been Keeping A Secret Known As ‘A113′ – What is it?


Exploring facts about all things Disney leads to intriguing discoveries. Disney Fanatics are kin to FBI agents on the trail of secrets yet to be discovered. Club 33, Hidden Mickeys, Disney alerts and codes are only a few of the fan finds. Now there is the secret “A113” to add to their ever growing list. WHAT IS “A113”? Animators who ...

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