The 22 Highest Grossing Pixar & Disney Animated Movies

Disney Characters

Disney & Pixar movies are pure magic and the more magic the better apparently! There were a few surprises for me when I curated this list from across the Web. The monetary totals, that reflect world-wide box office sales, have been calculated in US dollars. I hope you find your favorite movie high up on the list! 22. Toy Story, ...

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10 Inspiring Quotes From Disney Movies

The Mad Hatter

I am a huge fan of quotes, as they seem to sum up so much with so few words. I can get motivated simply by reading a few topic-specific quotes each day. A great place to find some quotes that inspire, spark creativity, and maybe just put a smile on your face, is in Disney films. From our favorite characters ...

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10 Most Popular Disney Movie Songs of All Time

A Whole New World - Aladdin

Over the years our family has enjoyed many a Disney film. From the time when our kids were just toddlers to when they were tweens, we’ve watched some awesome movies that were enhanced by great music. Obviously these songs help to create lasting memories of some relaxing times spent with our kids. Occasionally we will hear one of the all ...

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Who Loves Maleficent?


A sudden gasp from the crowd followed by a terrified hush… then she enters – now clearly seen after wisps of green smoke and flame have dissipated.  Her black clothing with glimpses of purple inside her robes, horns atop her head, gaunt face and bony fingers clutching her staff – Maleficent was a stunning villain seemingly without heart or soul in ...

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