Which Taylor Swift Love Song is Perfect for Your Favorite Disney Couple?

Walt Disney Studios has been telling some of our favorite fairy tale love stories since they first began their venture into full-length films in 1937. We have all grown up watching many once upon a times, true love’s kisses, and happily ever afters presented with Walt Disney’s gorgeous animation and trademark storytelling. Meanwhile singer/songwriter Taylor Swift has been writing some ...

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Channel the Fashion of Your Favorite Disney Channel Star

In August of 2020 former Disney Channel star Debby Ryan used the “What I’d Wear…” TikTok trend to take her fans on a nostalgic trip through her most famous roles. In the video captioned “What I’d wear to Fashion Week in…” the actress transformed into sleek modern styles of some of her best-known characters, including Bailey from The Suite Life on ...

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Video: Johnny Depp Performs Rock Concert in UK While Jury Deliberates

Johnny Depp rock concert

As the jury deliberates on the verdict of his dual defamation suit against his ex-wife, Amber Heard, Johnny Depp was spotted taking a stage in the United Kingdom to rock out with Jeff Beck. According to Deadline, Depp made a surprise appearance at Beck’s concert in Sheffield, England, on Sunday, May 29. Fans reportedly erupted on social media seeing Depp ...

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K-Pop Stars Surprise Fans With Disney Appearance

k-pop idols owl house

The Walt Disney Company and Korean pop music rarely intersect — but when they do, it’s a fun surprise for K-pop fans and Disney fans! The popular Disney show The Owl House (found on Disney+ and Disney Channel) seems to have recently featured some famous K-pop performers in one of its episodes, making many fans do a double-take! In the ...

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A Tribute to the Sherman Brothers and Their Enduring Legacy

Walt with Sherman Brothers

There have been many notable sibling duos throughout history. Within the Walt Disney Company, in particular, the team of Walt and Roy Disney is perhaps the most famous demonstration of brothers working together — the one that springs instantly to mind, and rightly so. But they weren’t the only ones. With a claim to fame for having produced more motion ...

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