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Why Moving to Lake Nona Like Disney’s Cast Members & Imagineers is a MUST!

Pack your bags, Fanatics! We’re taking a trip, and not to Walt Disney World! Recent news that Disney is moving 2,000 employees from California to Florida had me wondering, what’s unique about the Lake Nona community in Orlando? I’ve done some digging, and I’m hoping you’ll find this unique community as interesting as I have! Here are 10 reasons that ...

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Guardian of the Galaxy’s Nebula Heads to Universal

Karen Gillan, the Scottish actress that most Disney fans will recognize (or, perhaps, NOT recognize) for her role as the blue, robotic Nebula has decided to take a day trip in the midst of press days for her new action movie Gunpowder Milkshake (which she did alongside Michelle Yeoh from Shang-Chi: Legend of the Ten Rings). Even though Disneyland would ...

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Cirque du Soleil Performers Begin Training for Disney Springs Debut

It’s been a big week in the world of Disney theater: Disney’s three biggest Broadway musicals, “The Lion King“, “Aladdin“, and “Frozen” are all reopening, with two of the three already up and running–and now, Walt Disney Animation Studios and Walt Disney Imagineering’s first collaboration with Cirque du Soleil is also coming up! The unique acrobat-filled circus show called “Drawn ...

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Everything You MUST Know Before Visiting Disney Springs!

Disney Springs is a unique, Disney-designated social hub laden with a delightful array of distinguishable dining options, superior shopping experiences from a vast assortment of absolutely stellar stores, and seemingly endless entertainment happenings that are both exciting as well as engaging. With its convenience and proximity to Walt Disney World’s parks and hotels, visiting this extension of Disney territories comes ...

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Does Buffy the Vampire Slayer Have a Place in Disney Parks?

When one thinks of Disney Parks, they hardly tend to associate them with all things dark, mysterious, supernatural, and terrifying, but to say that they’re strangers to the world of horror – even in its most universal form – would be a lie. After all, what would a Disney Park be without the likes of The Haunted Mansion, an experience ...

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How to Enjoy the Perfect Disney Vacation at Disney’s BoardWalk Resort


If you plan a day to kick back and relax at your Resort during your Walt Disney World vacation, choose a Resort that really delivers luxury and fun. BoardWalk Resort is an excellent choice! Located near EPCOT and Hollywood Studios, this Resort is a great choice for Guests interested in a short commute to either of these parks. That said, ...

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A Special Disney Princess Event Begins

For some people, today is just August 23rd. For anyone who loves Disney, plucky heroines, or flouncy dresses, it’s the start of World Princess Week! This week is part of Disney’s Ultimate Princess Celebration, an event that purportedly begins with a “a 7-day celebration of the Disney Princesses, Frozen Queens and the courage & kindness they bring to the world”. Each day ...

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Keeping It Honest: Top Walt Disney World Frustrations

Even in a place as inherently magical as Walt Disney World, reality still wiggles in. Whether it’s through the economy, human nature, or mother nature – the Disney bubble can be popped. Consider today’s article a therapeutic exercise. Let us discuss the top frustrations that plague Disney World guests. While none of these will ruin your trip (if you have ...

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Great Ideas For An Adults Only Trip to Walt Disney World

Nomad Lounge

Whoever thinks that Walt Disney World is “just for kids” has some serious relearning to do. Of course it’s a magical place for children, with a wealth of rides and attractions both aimed at and designed to include rather than exclude visitors of all ages, but that’s the key to remember; it’s for “all” ages, not just the kiddies. And ...

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