Which Disney Princess are You? (Before Frozen, Tangled, and Brave)

You’ve probably taken a lot of these quizzes, and normally, anyone is able to tell what answer will give you what character, but I’m going to make this a little more interesting and challenging! Have fun! I wish i could have put ALL the princesses, but I will make a second one, featuring the newest princesses, and non-princesses.

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Which “Cinderella” Do You Identify With?

As perhaps the most commonly retold fairytale, each telling of the Cinderella story has something unique to its’ own adaptation of the tale. As does the beloved heroine. Although essentially the same story, each ‘Cinderella’ is her own special person. Which leading lady do you most identify with from the vast interpretations of this classic story?

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Which Pixar Girl Are You?

Pixar girls are strong, brave and wonderful in their own unique ways. Take this quiz to find out which Pixar girl you are out of: Jessie, Dory, Eve, Merida, Mrs. Incredible and Ellie.

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Which Non-Human Disney Character Is Your Spirit Animal?

Comparing yourself to Disney Princesses isn’t for everyone. But there is a Disney character for everyone to identify – they just might not be human! When thinking through our favorite cuddly Disney stars, there were almost too many beloved ones to narrow down our choices. Which classic Disney character is totally your spirit animal? Just take the quiz to find ...

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