Hollywood Studios

8 Reasons You’ll Love Fantasmic! at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Fantasmic Boat

Every park has some type of nighttime offerings, whether it be a fireworks spectacular or show, which serves as a great way to wind down from your busy, tiring but fun day. Disney’s Hollywood Studios actually has two—Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular, which is a fireworks display and Fantasmic!, which is a show at the Hollywood Hills Amphitheatre on Hollywood ...

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10 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Disney’s Hollywood Studios

How Much Do You Really Know About Disney's Hollywood Studios?

Is a trip to Disney’s Hollywood Studios in your future? If you’re planning on visiting the park before the latest Star Wars and Toy Story additions, you may be wondering how much there is to do and how you can make the most of your visit. The positive side about parts of the park being under construction is that you’re ...

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7 Things You Need To Do at Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios

There are must-do attractions, restaurants, and experiences throughout Walt Disney World.  Guests are faced with tough decisions when visiting Hollywood Studios (and this is before the massive expansion opens)! The next time you’re in Hollywood Studios make sure you do these seven things!

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4 Major Star Wars Experiences You’ll Love and Where to Find Them

Launch Bay

One of the biggest wins for The Walt Disney Company has been acquiring the Star Wars franchise. With a storyline and characters that are appealing to people of all ages, there is opportunity to build an even bigger fan base—and Disney intends to do just that. The announcement of Star Wars Land at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland has ...

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4 Reasons Why We Keep Going Back to Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios Manns Chinese Theater

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is quite often looked at as a ‘half-day park.’ People believe that it doesn’t have much to offer in the form of attractions and entertainment, and so they only spend a few hours in the park dedicated to celebrating film and stage classics. While Hollywood Studios is undergoing a significant amount of changes as they begin to ...

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13 Amazing Facts About Disney’s Hollywood Studios’ Tower of Terror

Tower of Terror

The announcement that Disney’s California Adventure would be closing their version of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror threw many Disney fans into a frenzy.  Some bemoaned the loss of one of their favorite rides while others welcomed news of the replacement attraction being themed to popular franchise Guardians of the Galaxy.  Disney World fanatics, on the other hand, were ...

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5 Reasons Why Disney’s Hollywood Studios Makes For a Fantastic Date Night

SciFi Dine In Theater

Living in Orlando, and even visiting Orlando, is great because you have so many options for date night. However, my favorite option is heading to Walt Disney World. The parks all have the potential to be perfect date-night spots, and I personally love heading to Disney’s Hollywood Studios if I’m craving a fun, laid-back, but also romantic evening with my ...

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6 Hidden Gems In Disney World’s Hollywood Studios

One Man's Dream

With much construction and changes occurring at Hollywood Studios, some of our favorite hidden gems (RIP Writer’s Shop) had disappeared, but that doesn’t mean that the park is completely devoid of fun and amazing hidden gems! We love visiting Hollywood Studios with the park completely awash in neon, street entertainment, and a variety of food. On your next trip there, ...

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Top 10 Things Disney Pros Do at Hollywood Studios

Disney's Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World is an amazing theme park that has changed significantly over the years. With each and every trip I take I have certain things that I have to do within this amazing park. With all the new changes coming in the near future there will be even more new and exciting “must do’s” when visiting. ...

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