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5 ‘Must Do’s’ in Asia at Disney’s Animal Kingdom


Animal Kingdom has a variety of different areas with different themes. It is comprised of the Oasis, Discovery Island, Africa, Asia, and DinoLand U.S.A. The Land of Pandora will be opening in 2017 in the old area occupied by Camp Minnie-Mickey. Although a lot of construction is happening in Animal Kingdom right now, there is much to see and enjoy ...

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8 Spectacular Facts About Wishes Nighttime Show At Magic Kingdom Park

Disney seems to take the age-old adage “save the best for last” as serious as they take entertaining their guests. Here are 8 Mind Blowing Facts about the Wishes Nighttime Spectacular at Disney World: 8. Concept. The show was specifically designed to draw everyone to Cinderella’s castle in the evening with the intent of bringing family and friends together to ...

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16 Wild Facts About Kilimanjaro Safaris In Disney’s Animal Kingdom


From the very first “jambo” (hello) to the very last “kwaherini” (goodbye) you hear on the Kilimanjaro Safaris ride, you are fully immersed in the experience of traveling across the African veldt. Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s premier attraction does an incredible job of combining realistic settings, a bouncy safari truck ride, and exotic, beautiful animals into a magical adventure that is ...

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10 Rookie Mistakes at the Magic Kingdom


The Magic Kingdom is the busiest park at the Walt Disney World Resort, which leaves plenty of room for error if you don’t realize what you’re in for. This list includes my top 10 rookie mistakes, read on to make sure you don’t make any of them: 10. Arriving late Arriving to the Magic Kingdom in the middle of the ...

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The Ultimate Epcot Checklist – 12 Things You Must Do

What’s great about Epcot is that it’s two parks squeezed into one. There’s Future World that shows off technology and World Showcase that displays different cultures from around the world. It’s both an educational and fun experience. With such a large area there are many things to explore, but these 12 are absolutely essential. 12. Club Cool First-time visitors to ...

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The Ultimate Magic Kingdom Checklist! – 15 Things You Must Do!

When people think Walt Disney World, they think Magic Kingdom. They think Cinderella Castle. Magic Kingdom is where it all began. It’s the heart of Disney World. With that being said, it can be a little overwhelming planning for a day at the most popular park. You don’t want to miss anything, yet you don’t want to rush through everything. ...

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The Ultimate Hollywood Studios Checklist – The 12 Things You Must Do!

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is in a state of flux. We know it is getting a new name. There is much speculation about what is going to come to replace all of the recent closures at the park (Studio Backlot Tour, American Idol Experience, the Captain Jack Sparrow/Pirates of Caribbean attraction). While some are mourning the recent loss of the hat ...

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Don’t Waste FastPasses on These 5 Attractions at Epcot

Epcot has a lot of wonderful things to offer, and the best part is, most of them you don’t even need a Fastpass for! There are a few that I would highly recommend getting a Fastpass for, such as Test Track and Soarin’. But here are the 5 attractions we don’t think you’ll need one for. 5. Spaceship Earth The ...

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10 Fantastic Facts About Dinoland in Animal Kingdom

Dinoland USA, located at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, is definitely one of the most overlooked parts of the park. While the story here is less obvious than other areas, this part of the park can actually be quite interesting when you give it a chance. 10. The cast members are either “cousins,” or “interns” The cast members you encounter in Chester ...

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Don’t Waste FastPasses on These 8 Things at Magic Kingdom

Cinderella Castle

The FastPass+ service at Disney World is truly a great thing. Some rides you absolutely have to have a FastPass+, if you don’t want to wait in line for hours. But some rides have particularly short wait times and don’t warrant a FastPass+. We have put together a list of 8 rides and attractions you shouldn’t need a FastPass+ for. ...

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