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From Walt Disney World Resort to Disneyland Paris and everything in between! Here’s the latest information on the beloved Disney Parks.

Disney Insider Reports ‘Overwhelming’ Amount of ‘Negative’ Calls

Cinderella Castle

As The Walt Disney Company has made its position on introducing content involving matters of gender and sexuality to young children clear, so too have Disney fans–and self-declared former fans–made their position on its position quite clear. Shortly after Disney announced it would work to overturn Florida’s new Parental Rights in Education Law–which prohibits teachers from exposing kids in Kindergarten ...

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Disney World Ticket Prices: Better Value in 2022 than the 1970s

Disney World Ticket Prices

It is time to dismiss one of the biggest myths revolving around Disney World’s ticket prices. When accounting for inflation and relative costs, it does not actually cost more money to visit The Most Magical Place on Earth today–as we can today–compared to a visit in the 1970s. If anything, the basic Guest experience 50 years ago was far lower ...

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Storms Could Put Damper on Character Meet and Greets’ Big Return

Disney Character Meet and Greets

On April 18, The Walt Disney World Resort will reinstate its normal, hug-friendly character meet and greets. After almost two full years, the social distance will finally be removed, and Magic Kingdom Park, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom will be filled with more pre-pandemic magic. In anticipation, Disney Fanatics appear to have marked off the day, claiming ...

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‘Dr. Mark’ Reveals Which Disney Animal Volunteers for Medical Exams

dr mark disney gino

If you’re not already following Dr. Mark Penning (the Vice President of Disney’s Animals, Science, and Environment department in the Animal Kingdom with Walt Disney World Resort), then you have been missing out on some fun, educational, and adorable behind the scenes from within the Animal Kingdom! Dr. Mark, known for his Instagram account “Dr. Mark at Disney”, recently spoke ...

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‘Boycott Disney!’: Protesters Gather at Disneyland Entrance

Protest at Disneyland

It was only a few days ago that protestors gathered outside Walt Disney Company Headquarters to protest the company’s commitment to a plethora of “far-left” ideologies. Now, it appears another group of protestors has gathered right outside the Disneyland Resort. Reporter Drew Hernandez (@DrewHLive) was on-scene in the early hours of April 14 and shared some footage of the event ...

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EPCOT’s Four “Neighborhoods”: Here’s What to Know


Walt Disney, himself, said EPCOT “would always be in a state of becoming”. 50 years after the Walt Disney World Resort opened, we’re seeing EPCOT’s massive transformation take shape. As you plan your next visit to EPCOT, here’s what to know as Disney tackles a “four neighborhood” approach to the beloved Park. Credit: Disney Gone are the days of EPCOT’s ...

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