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10 Magic Kingdom Snacks that are Perfect for a Chilly Day

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While it’s true that the Magic Kingdom is in sunny, warm Florida, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some very chilly days during the Fall and Winter. If you happy to be there on a cold day, then you’ll definitely want to know where to find warm snacks that are perfect for you and your family! 10.) Mickey Pretzel (The ...

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8 Magic Kingdom Attractions You Should Visit After Dark

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While the Magic Kingdom is always full of fantastical wonder and fun, there’s a special kind of magic that presents itself at night when the sky grows dark and the park becomes alight in other ways. Since the Park has a totally different look at night, there are some attractions that have totally different experiences as well! Here are 8 ...

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Top 20 Things Everyone Should Do Someday at Disney World

Magic Kingdom

There are thousands of things to do at Walt Disney World. You can visit over and over again and still not see and do everything. But no matter what, try to do these 20 things at least once! 1. Stay on Site While there are plenty of great hotels in Orlando that are close to Disney, there’s nothing quite like ...

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5 Best Tips For Experiencing Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Tree of Life

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is one of the four theme parks available to guests at the Walt Disney World resort and it’s the best park to visit if you’re looking for a ‘wild’ experience! With an abundance of shows, attractions, meet and greets and dining choices, there’s no way you won’t have a great time while exploring the kingdom. In order ...

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5 Things Disney Pros Always Do at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is a park that pays tribute to some of Hollywood’s best movies and TV shows and brings them to life in a big way. Though it’s under a fair amount of construction at the moment, there are still plenty of experiences available for you to enjoy throughout the park. Those who have been to Disney’s Hollywood Studios ...

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If Disney Closed These 10 Attractions, We’d Be Heartbroken!

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Spend a little time at Disney World, and you’ll soon discover that innovation is a cornerstone value. Because innovation means progress and progress means change, Disney World never looks exactly the same from year to year. Just yesterday my kids and I were reminiscing over Disney attractions that have shut down in the last few years. Change is usually good…but ...

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10 Attractions You Should Experience at Animal Kingdom BEFORE Lunch

Kilimanjaro Safari

10. An Early Ride On Kilimanjaro Safari Dashing over to Kilimanjaro Safari directly after rope drop will allow you to hop on with minimal or no wait time. The cooler morning weather is sure to result in more animal sightings for the first few safaris of the day. In my experience, the first few safaris of the day see more ...

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All Aboard!! 10 Fabulous Facts About The Walt Disney World Railroad  

Disney Railroad

The Walt Disney World Railroad is located in the Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.  Read below 10 fabulous facts you may or may not know about this classic attraction! 1.  Dimensions: The Walt Disney World Railroad is a heritage railroad.  The track is one and a half mile long.  The train is operated with ...

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Top 10 Attractions You Should Experience at the Magic Kingdom Before Lunch

Disney Castle Tomorrowland

There are over thirty rides and attractions at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. Each and every one has its own theme and thrill factor. Some rides are suitable for everyone in the family, while others are a bit too exciting for younger children. The most popular rides and attractions can get really crowded shortly after the opening of ...

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