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Top 10 Reasons Why You Can’t Skip Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Depending on your viewpoint, Disney’s Hollywood Studios is either rightly or wrongly maligned. Some people can’t stand the Sorcerer’s Hat at the end of Hollywood Boulevard (good news – it’s coming down now!). Others love the wonderful assortment of rides to choose from and obsess over which Tier A attraction to select. Others still refer to Hollywood Studios as a ...

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8 Great Character Interactions You May Be Missing at Epcot

Belle And Child

There’s a lot of love about Epcot, but one activity that may be slightly overlooked there is character greeting. This isn’t to say that meeting characters at Epcot isn’t popular, and that the characters don’t accumulate lines. However, the lines at Epcot to meet characters don’t seem to be as exceedingly long as they sometimes get at the Magic Kingdom ...

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7 Of Our Favorite Rides and Attractions At EPCOT

As a child I never fully appreciated everything Epcot had to offer. I was too young for many of the big attractions, and there was nothing to do in the World Showcase except walk. Coming back to Epcot as an adult has made me realize how wrong I was. The possibilities at Epcot are truly endless! This is definitely my ...

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7 Best Thrill Rides in Walt Disney World

Sure you can have a Kodak moment with Mickey and Minnie Mouse, or check out the nostalgic Disney attractions such as It’s a Small World and Prince Charming’s Carousel, or even experience a more “family based” ride that everyone to enjoy. Sometimes, park guests like myself, like to experience some thrills that make your stomach drop or eyes tear from ...

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EPCOT’s Futureworld 101 – Rides And Attractions You Can’t Miss

EPCOT (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow). This was Walt Disney’s idea for a futuristic city of tomorrow. He wanted to see a community enriched with education, innovative technology, clean, efficient factories, and homes where families could enjoy living and working in a clean, safe environment. He envisioned a perfect city with public transportation and a multi-cultural civic center covered by ...

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5 Best Shops in Epcot’s World Showcase


Souvenirs at Disney are truly one of a kind. Each park, including resorts and the Downtown Disney area offer amazing items that cannot be found anywhere else. Some things are not even sold online. Epcot is easily one of my favorite Disney parks. And on my most recent trip, I decided to focus on the wonderful gift shops it has ...

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Snacking Around Epcot’s World Showcase – Our Favorite Foods

Are you an enthusiastic foodie? Do you love visiting Walt Disney World? If you answered yes to both questions, then you are in for a real treat at EPCOT where “snacking around the world” is an experience that is ready and waiting for your taste buds to enjoy! Of all the theme parks, EPCOT has the greatest reputation for the ...

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7 Amazing Facts About The Walt Disney World Railroad

Disney Railroad

One of the great reminders you are in the happiest place on earth is the sound of the train whistles of the Walt Disney World Railroad. Riding the rails is a can’t miss experience at the Magic Kingdom and here are just a few reasons why: 7. Walt Disney had a personal passion for trains! One of Walt’s earliest jobs ...

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