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Cinderella Stars in Day Two of World Princess Week

Just yesterday, Disney’s World Princess Week began. This “Ultimate Princess Celebration” features a different princess each day throughout this week: yesterday was Tiana, and today is Cinderella. Since this is an international event, Cinderella-specific events and offerings will be available at different Disney resorts around the world! In Disney World, Cinderella’s castle is sporting a new gold crest on its ...

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Everything Disney World Desperately Needs to Take From Disneyland

Which Disneyland Ride Are You?

With theme parks on both coasts of the country and international parks in France, China, Hong Kong, and Japan, it’s understandable as to why some Disney World fans may become green with envy when looking at what other parks have. Especially when they are not in Orlando, Florida.  Disneyland has been the home base of the Disney Parks since it ...

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Disney Releases New “Magic Key” Information

California residents most likely find traveling to Disneyland more accessible than Walt Disney World–and it’s about to get even more so for them, with the upcoming release of Disney’s new Magic Key program for Disneyland locations. The Dream, Believe, Enchant, and Imagine Keys are four different Magic Key Passes for frequent Disneyland Guests, with the Imagine Key being the lowest ...

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The Disney “Kingdom Keepers” Author Has A New Cover Reveal

For the average Disney fan, the prospect of an empty Disney park is always tempting. Ridley Pearson capitalized on this idea in 2005, creating an intricate behind-the-scenes look at Walt Disney World through the guise of a thrilling, action-packed adventure series–and now he’s back with more, including the cover reveal of the series’ latest installment, shown above! Even though Pearson ...

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A Special Disney Princess Event Begins

For some people, today is just August 23rd. For anyone who loves Disney, plucky heroines, or flouncy dresses, it’s the start of World Princess Week! This week is part of Disney’s Ultimate Princess Celebration, an event that purportedly begins with a “a 7-day celebration of the Disney Princesses, Frozen Queens and the courage & kindness they bring to the world”. Each day ...

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Top 10 “Most Asked” Magic Kingdom Questions

Walt Disney World Resort’s famed Magic Kingdom Park is the stuff that legends are made of. Whether you’ve never been here, and even if you have been here several times before, you’re bound to have questions. And fortunately, we’ve got the answers. Here’s a list of 10 essential questions and answers to help you discover more about Walt Disney World’s ...

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Keeping It Honest: Top Walt Disney World Frustrations

Even in a place as inherently magical as Walt Disney World, reality still wiggles in. Whether it’s through the economy, human nature, or mother nature – the Disney bubble can be popped. Consider today’s article a therapeutic exercise. Let us discuss the top frustrations that plague Disney World guests. While none of these will ruin your trip (if you have ...

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Great Ideas For An Adults Only Trip to Walt Disney World

Nomad Lounge

Whoever thinks that Walt Disney World is “just for kids” has some serious relearning to do. Of course it’s a magical place for children, with a wealth of rides and attractions both aimed at and designed to include rather than exclude visitors of all ages, but that’s the key to remember; it’s for “all” ages, not just the kiddies. And ...

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Top 10 Most Romantic Date Activities at Disney World

If you ask the average Disney-goer, he or she will probably acknowledge that there’s a magical quality to every Disney World experience. However, one of Disney’s most potent magical attributes is romance! Romances–both old and new–permeate Disney’s stories, songs, and culture. Whether you’ve gotten married at Disney World with the help of Disney Weddings, visited each year for your anniversaries, ...

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10 Q&As for Walt Disney World’s EPCOT

Visiting Walt Disney World can be a confusing experience — you have to contend with 4 different theme parks, 2 water parks, over twenty resorts and hotels, a shopping and dining district, and even golf courses!  It is easy to get confused and potentially overwhelmed in planning your Disney trip, but here are ten questions and answers about your trip ...

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