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10 Magical Drinks From The Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Cafe!

On March 28, 2002, Japanese video game developer Square, best known for its role-playing video game franchise Final Fantasy, released a new and ambitious project. This game released for the Sony Playstation 2 was a new kind of fantasy, one that would span across multiple worlds and integrate the Japanese anime-style characters of Final Fantasy with the beloved animated characters from Walt Disney Studios. ...

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OpEd: The Only Disney World Ride Worth the 120-Minute Wait

Disney World Wait Times

Lines, queues, wait times–whatever you want to call them. Only a few minutes on social media are needed to see the time lost waiting to enjoy favorite rides and attractions is one of the banes of a Disney Park Guest’s existence. This year has proven that Guests are even willing to pay $15 per person per attraction to gain access ...

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Lightning Storms Barrel Through Disney World, Central Florida

Disney World Storms

Updated: 4/7/22 1:30 pm ET They say, “April showers bring May flowers.” But, in Florida, April showers can also bring lightning and lots of it. On Thursday, April 7, NBC affiliate news station WESH 2 was tracking a massive storm band that was working its way eastwardly over the peninsula and leaving a trail of lightning strikes behind it. Here ...

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How to Add Magical Florida Manatee Encounters to Your Disney World Vacation

Up close of a manatee

Don’t you find manatees just absolutely adorable? Alternately and affectionately referred to as “sea cows” for their rather rotund bodies and gently grazing nature, did you know that the manatee is the official marine mammal of the state of Florida? Therefore, it seems only natural that for some, manatee encounters play an integral part in having the ultimate Floridian experience. ...

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‘Out-of-this-World’ Rare Character Sightings at Annual Passholder Event!

Rare Disney Character Sightings

Who doesn’t love catching sight of rare characters in the Theme Parks? Several characters like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Mary Poppins, Peter Pan, and Cinderella are able to be seen on a daily basis at places like Princess Fairytale Hall in Magic Kingdom Park, and EPCOT’s World Showcase. Star Wars characters can be found at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disneyland Park, ...

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Disney World Reservation Update: What’s Left for This Weekend

Disney World Park Reservations

It is Friday. Another long week of work is winding down, and there is arguably no other time during the week–except maybe Monday morning–that gives you the urge to run away to Walt Disney World for a few days. Well, for those of you planning to cave to that temptation, here is what is left of the Theme Park Reservations ...

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Where to Find Boozy Brunch Bevies at Walt Disney World

You don’t have to wait until the evening for happy hour to indulge in an enticing cocktail. Truth be told, cocktails can accompany any occasion, any time of day. And yes, that even includes breakfast and brunch time. With so many great locations all throughout Walt Disney World Resort and in neighboring Disney Springs hailed for their breakfast and brunch ...

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Here Are Your Favorite Disney Dogs as Puppies!

Wednesday March 23, 2022 is National Puppy Day! Established in 2006, National Puppy Day is a day meant to celebrate our adorable fluffy best friends, and raise awareness about the evils of puppy mills, helping prospective pet owners consider adoption. In honor of man’s best friend, here are some of our favorite dogs from Disney movies, and what they might ...

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DIY: How to Create a Disney-Themed Garden

In most parts of North America, the dawning of spring is synonymous with being a time of rebirth and renewal—a time to get back into nature, and—if you happen to have a green thumb—the time to get your gardening on. Planning which plants to plant, and coming up with fun-themed gardening patterns can be a great joy, even to those ...

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