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Disney Souvenirs to Skip on Your Next Trip

If you’ve read our Selective Souvenir Shopping at Walt Disney World article, then you know that I am no stranger to getting caught up in shopping temptation while on vacation in the Disney Parks.  But in this article, I’ll share some of my least recommended souvenirs. It’s hard to be a Disney fan in a Disney shop, because you inevitably ...

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Selective Souvenir Shopping at Walt Disney World

In theory, the idea behind souvenirs is that we buy them to remember a particular place and time that we enjoyed.  The word comes directly from the French language; souvenir means “to remember.”  When it comes to Walt Disney World, I have no trouble remembering my trips, and yet I still come home with souvenirs every time.  Over time, I’ve ...

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Keep Your Cool: Beat the Heat at Disney

As someone who has always been quite heat sensitive, I’ve spent a lot of time figuring out ways to stay cool on my trips. Because of my family’s schedule, we often find ourselves travelling to Walt Disney World during Summer vacation- and at the peak of Summer heat in Florida. We’ve found some strategies that legitimately make exploring the parks ...

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Should I go to Disney Pregnant?  Tips for Doing Disney for Two

Thinking of going to a Disney theme park while you’re pregnant?  You may have to make some modifications to your trip, but you can still have a safe and enjoyable time as a pregnant park guest! It’s all about managing your expectations and planning ahead to make sure you stay comfortable during your Walt Disney World or Disneyland vacation. Here ...

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Best Non-Greeting Character Experiences at Disney World

Disney World is teeming with all sorts of characters, but due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, character greetings remain temporarily unavailable and there’s no word on when they will be reinstated. While this does mean that guests miss out on personal encounters with their favorite Disney characters, there are still many other ways for you to see them – you ...

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Disney Resort Split Stays:  Love ‘Em or Hate ‘Em?

Bay Lake Tower

Split stays are a great way to experience multiple resorts on your next Walt Disney World vacation.  There are many reasons why a family might opt for a split stay vacation.  Sometimes deciding between all of the fantastic resorts is hard.  Or, perhaps you’re motivated to check out as many resorts as possible, but resort hopping for meals or shopping ...

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First Timer at Disneyland? Here Are The Basics

If you consider yourself the ultimate Disney Fanatic, then perhaps a visit to Disneyland in Anaheim, California is a must-do pilgrimage that you ought to take at least once in your lifetime. It’s true that many have been to Disney’s larger and admittedly more popular Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. But Disneyland is unchallenged for being the predecessor ...

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Allure Bridals Continues to Impress With Its Disney Princess Wedding Dresses

Anyone who keeps a keen eye on the Disney Weddings website fantasizes about getting married in a Disney park, feeling like a Disney princess, and having a happily ever after in keeping with the Disney princess tradition. Disney weddings are certainly popular (albeit expensive, particularly if you opt for luxuries like the nighttime spectacular and the horse and carriage), and ...

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Keeping It Honest: Top Walt Disney World Frustrations

Even in a place as inherently magical as Walt Disney World, reality still wiggles in. Whether it’s through the economy, human nature, or mother nature – the Disney bubble can be popped. Consider today’s article a therapeutic exercise. Let us discuss the top frustrations that plague Disney World guests. While none of these will ruin your trip (if you have ...

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