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16 Busiest Days and Weekends in Disney World

There are so many busy times for Disney, but there are some days that are worse than others. If schools are out, Disney World is busy. Disney has a season, but it’s not like the normal seasons. Besides being more crowded, prices tend to go up. Not for the park tickets, but for just about everything else. One plus to ...

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8 Awesome Ways To Avoid Lines At Walt Disney World


Disney serves around 600 million guests worldwide. That’s a lot of people, FYI, which unfortunately translates to a lot of lines. But here are a few simple tips to help keep your wait time at no more than 30 minutes (in most cases, much less!), all day long. 8. Go During Off-Season – The busiest times inside the parks basically ...

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The Best Disney Packing List Ever!

Disney Suitcase

The Best Disney Packing List Ever! – Printable 1. Clothing Shorts (with pockets) Shirts Pants Jacket/Hoodie Undergarments Socks Loungewear/Activewear Walking Shoes Flip Flops/Water Shoes Kids Costumes Hats Jewelry Hair Accessories Swimsuits Swim Cover Ups Sunglasses Dress Clothes & Shoes (Only if planning a fancy meal) 2. Toiletries Toothbrush Toothpaste Floss Shampoo Conditioner Soap/Shower Gel Deodorant Razors Shaving Cream Lotion Aloe ...

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Ways to Avoid Crowds On Your Disney World Vacation

Main St. USA Castle _ avoid crowds _ disney fanatic

When most people think of Walt Disney World, they imagine crowds and hot weather. However, Disney Insiders know there are tricks to avoid crowds and manage the heat! Long lines, crowded walkways, and traffic can all be avoided by following these simple 10 tips. 10. Stand Behind Cinderella’s Castle for Fireworks If you don’t need to see the Celebrate the ...

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Don’t Waste Your FastPasses on These 5 Attractions at Hollywood Studios

With the advent of My Disney Experience and your ability to schedule your group’s FastPasses 60 days in advance, it is important to have a strategy when booking FastPasses to maximize your enjoyment in the parks, as well as minimize time you spend in line. Even though it seems like Hollywood Studios is being shutdown, there are still plenty of ...

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MagicBands 101: 5 Things You Absolutely Must Know


MagicBands are here and they are one of the coolest things that have happened to the Disney parks in a long time! Disney spent over a billion dollars researching, creating and implementing this new service and it was totally worth it! MagicBands not only look cool but also they will totally transform your Disney experience! 5. MagicBands are available when ...

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Pin Trading – 6 Ways To Get More Bang For Your Buck

Pin Trading _ disney world _ disney fanatic

Disney Pin trading started in 1999 and has become a stable at all Disney parks and attractions (including Downtown Disney). Disney pins are fun and unique way for you to show your Disney side! Trading pins with cast members is a great way to have fun interactions with them. Trading pins is also exciting because you never know what special ...

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12 Disney Insider Tips We’re Almost Reluctant To Share

If you don’t get to visit the Disney parks very often, or you haven’t been there before, there’s a lot you can miss out on if you aren’t in the know. As with anything, Disney has its own short cuts that make the whole experience more fun than stressful. While it takes some park guests multiple trips to learn some ...

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