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Taking a Baby to Disney World – 10 Things You Should Know

toddler with mickey ears

I’m not gonna lie: going to Disney with an infant is not as easy-peasy as going with older kids or adults. There’s a lot to think about and prepare for when traveling to a big place with someone so small. But in my opinion it IS worth it! The following information will help you prepare well for going to Disney ...

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Top 3 Cost-Saving Tips for Disney Pin Trading

pin trading _ disney fanatic

Many guests participate in pin trading when visiting Walt Disney World.  It can be a fun activity to collect unique souvenirs, interact with other guests and Cast Members, as well as a way to ensure you are having the full experience when visiting the parks!  The biggest complaint that guests have about pin trading are the costs associated with purchasing ...

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Disney Itinerary 101 – Tips For Families With Teens

Castle 7 Dwarfs Mine Train

When approaching a Disney vacation, one of your first steps will be choosing your companions–and, for most people, those companions will be your family members! Traveling with a variety of individuals can make things particularly fun, exciting, and memorable; however, it can also make things like planning and dining more complicated, since people of different ages and backgrounds (teenagers, for ...

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10 Fantastic Tips For Your Best Walt Disney World Vacation Ever

Cinderella Castle Parade

As with any subject, there is definitely a learning curve when it comes to planning a Walt Disney World vacation.  Attractions and activities there are constantly being updated, so even if you have visited Disney World before, chances are that there have been some major changes since your last vacation.  Here is a list of 10 killer tips for your ...

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20 Things About Walt Disney World You Must Know

Castle Trees

20. Suited for Any Length Vacation. Sure, there is a lot to see at Walt Disney World. This does not mean that Disney is not well suited for a quick trip. Families can easily focus energy on one or two parks during a short trip over a long weekend. Likewise, you will find plenty to do to fill a weeklong ...

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10 Tips to Help You Survive a Power-Packed Day In Disney Parks

Alice in Wonderland Mad Tea Party

Guests visit the parks in many different ways when they visit Disney World.  Some guests visit the parks over the span of two weeks and take their time in exploring each and every detail in the parks.  These same guests are able to sleep in and end their days early.  On the other hand, there are guests who visit Disney ...

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8 Things You Should Always Do On Your Disney Vacation

Lady Tremaine Magic Kingdom

A vacation is about transporting yourself away from your everyday life, away from stress and obligations–and where better to exemplify that than at Walt Disney World? Read on to discover eight tried-and-true methods for giving yourself the vacation that you deserve–one that is both calming and exhilarating!

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11 Awesome Tips For Collecting Pressed Pennies

Disney World presents a number of opportunities for guests to become collectors of one item or another. Whether it’s Disney pins, figurines, Christmas ornaments, snow globes, or artwork, opportunities abound for you to add to your collection at stores throughout the resort. A great collectible for children or for Disney fanatics on a tight budget – or both – are ...

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Top 10 Tips from an Experienced Disney World-goer

Cinderella Castle Main St. USA

When I was a youngster, the idea of a Disney vacation was never discussed by my family. In 1990, I took my high school band, for which I was the director. We participated in Disney’s Magic Music Days by playing a concert in the Magic Kingdom. Because I was in charge of about 100 people, I did not get much ...

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