Ex-Disney Cast Member Warns Guests of “Red Flags”

Disney Crowd Red Flag
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When you are a Cast Member at a Disney Park, you deal with all different kinds of people on a day-to-day basis. While some guests are a pleasure for Cast Members to serve, others make the job a lot less magical.

Former Disney Cast Member and Tiktoker @dappermanatee has taken to the internet to share his biggest “red flags” about guests at Walt Disney World Resort. He explains “This is my list as a former Cast Member, that if I see a friend doing it in the parks, we are no longer friends.”


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#1: Shoe Stuffing

His #1 guest pet peeve is those rebellious guests who choose to stuff their children’s shoes in the parks. Some guests do this to try to sneak their small child on rides that they aren’t big enough for. Not only is this incredibly disrespectful, but it is also very dangerous for the child.

Earlier this year, a family of bloggers received some major public backlash after they filmed themselves making high-boosting shoes for their young child. The internet went ballistic, proving that most people agree that that is definitely a Disney red flag.

#2: Political Attire

In today’s political climate, it seems nearly impossible to avoid conflicts with others based on differing opinions. Most people visiting Walt Disney World Resort want to escape to the “Disney Bubble” and avoid all talk about politics.

That is why this former Cast Member hates it when Guests wear political shirts to the parks. He explains that shirts like this incite arguments within the Parks, which Cast Members end up having to deal with.

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#3: Turkey Leg Haters

Turkey Legs are loved by some and hated by others. This former Cast Member recognizes that not everyone has a taste for Turkey Legs, but he still hates it when people think that they are actually made out of Emu.

#2: Littering

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Guests who litter in the Park are incredibly rude and disrespectful. This Tiktoker explains that “Garbage throws garbage on the ground.”

#1: Not Having a Sleeping Attraction

Now, this one is a little more interesting. This former Cast Member believes that everyone should have an attraction that they use specifically for sleeping on.

Disney days are long and strenuous, and catching some quick zzz’s can be essential for those looking to stay in the parks all day long.


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This list of Disney red flags is very entertaining. What are your red flags? Let us know in the comments!

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