How To Find Your Perfect Match at Walt Disney World

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Disney plots are synonymous with finding one’s happily ever after. While not always the case, more times than not, a story’s primary player discovers it in the form of true love. The same may be possible for guests visiting Walt Disney World Resort, as a whole host of opportunities provide the chance to meet new people. And for those who are seeking true love, this could be the door opening on finding your one and only prince or princess. Here are 11 excellent examples for active pursuers to keep in mind for finding one’s perfect match while at Walt Disney World.

11. Single Rider Lines

Riding solo creates the perfect opportunity for meeting new people. Just be sure to head for the Single Rider Line at attractions that offer them. Not only do these lines tend to be shorter, reducing your wait time significantly given the fact that you are not waiting to ride as a full party, but you literally get to be “matched” with a riding buddy at random and perhaps maybe make a new friend. Who knows, you might just find that one true love you’ve been waiting for!

Everest Single Rider Line

10. Ride/Attraction Queues

Similar to meeting new people via Single Rider utilization, spending time waiting for an attraction in a line or queue may also offer up the chance to break the ice with those around you. Furthermore, Disney’s creative surrounding props make for the perfect conversation starters for those who need a little help in knowing where to begin, making it that much easier to get chatting, and possibly discover that special prince or princesses even sooner.

9. Interactive Walkthroughs

In addition to rides and shows, Disney World boasts various low-key engagements you may want to consider adding into your outing as well. Walkthrough displays, for instance, may not be attractions in the traditional sense, but they are engaging and keep you entertained and engrossed nevertheless. Walt Disney Presents over at Hollywood Studios is a prime example, and personal favorite of mine. This open and free, go-at-your-own-pace mini museum collaboration displaying artifacts and mementos spanning 100 years of Disney covers everything from the “mouse” to “the man behind the mouse” and everything else between and beyond. By going at your own pace, with the ability to come and go as you please, you get to choose how long you linger, spend time at a specific display, and with whom you may strike up a conversation with and get to know a little better. There’s even an optional 15-minute informative film documentary all about Walt Disney that you may want to ask a new acquaintance to come watch with you as you get to know each other better.

8. Audience Mingling

There are many shows and events that occur regularly at Walt Disney World, which lead to crowds gathering around as an audience. You’ve got interactive attractions like, For the First Time In Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration, Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room, and Turtle Talk With Crush (which returns in August) just to name a few. Then there are awesome spectator events like A Celebration of Festival of the Lion King, various musical reenactment stage shows, and popular hits that will hopefully return soon, like Fantasmic!, Finding Nemo—The Musical, Up! A Great Bird Adventure, and plenty of others. These moments of coming together provide opportunities to meet new people, create conversations, and perhaps even make new friends…or maybe those you hope will become more than “just friends” over time.

7. Quick Service Dining

Quick Service Dining makes for a casual sit-down experience, which unlike Table Service Dining, you are in control of. You order your food and then find available nearby seating of your own accord, deciding where you want to sit or by whom you would like to sit near and potentially get to know a little better. Remember to be on the lookout with opportunities such as these, for you may just see something that you like!

6. Resort Recreations

Just hanging around your resort can unlock myriad opportunities to meet and mingle with new people. For instance, every Walt Disney World Resort features multiple pools, perfect to hang out at during low-key times or to visit for one of many onsite special engagements, like those cast member-led family-friendly recreational poolside events and extras that occur regularly. Also, depending on your resort, there are likely plenty of other perks on premises, such as sports courts, nearby golfing or mini golfing designations, boating and fishing docks (not to mention the sea of possibilities that come along with those), and infinitely much more to explore along with new people also embarking on the same quests as you. Behold, you are already making a mutual connection in at least one way. 

5. Bar/Lounge Crawls

Obviously intended for Disney-goers of 21 or more years of age, bar and lounge crawls have a time-tested success rate for serving as a way to meet new people. And it may surprise you to learn that there are many such opportunities throughout Disney’s parks, resorts, and in neighboring Disney Springs. There’s even a popular Monorail Crawl many guests rave about. Furthermore, by keeping the focus geared toward a more specific age range, you cut out all those external distractions brought on by crowds of kids or whole families out and about. The bar crawl approach is more centered, more one-on-one, and still provides for a safe and magical time, as you are at Disney, remember. What’s more, you’ll be meeting likeminded adults who share in your love for all things Disney—a magical foundation to start with in deed!

4. Live Musical Events at Disney/Disney Springs

Similar to our previously mentioned bar crawling referral, attending live musical events at and around Disney always opens the doors for meeting and mingling with new people. Plenty of venues directly located within Disney Parks or at specific resort locations feature live entertainment regularly. Disney’s BoardWalk is an excellent social hub, for instance. Then there are numerous happenings at Disney Springs you may want to consider as well, most of which take place on location at noted restaurant and bar/clubbing venues.

3. Special Ticketed Access Events

While times are still rough, and availability is still limited or temporarily unavailable for many such offerings, when fully available Disney hosts a vast array of special ticketed events to come out and explore. Some of these include specialized tours, ticketed parties, tasting events, festivals, and more. When access is more restricted to a specified limit of attendees, it makes for more opportunities to familiarize yourself with whoever else is in attendance and maybe make friend a new friend (or more).

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2. Splitsville Luxury Lanes

Going back to the idea of recreations, there are plenty of other extras to look into all around Disney World and nearby Disney Springs. One excellent opportunity that never gets old is bowling. And we’re not talking about your typical date-night outing for bowling; we’re talking about Splitsville Luxury Lanes. Even non-bowlers will have fun here, and there are other onsite activities as well, including other games and diversions, dining, and more. It’s also a friendly, jovial atmosphere that’s perfect for acquainting oneself with new people.

1. Wish Upon a Star

It’s been said, time and again, Walt Disney World Resort is the most magical place on Earth and the place where dreams come true. So what would happen if you were to wish upon a star to find your perfect match? Who knows for certain, but maybe, just maybe, your perfect match too is making the same wish you are. Whether you make your wish while watching a nighttime fireworks spectacular, or happen to just be out and about under the quiet of night sky, listen to the wish your heart is making and then look around. Your prince or princess may just be standing right there.

Castle Fireworks

Finding your match at Disney is a most magical occasion that drives home the fact that wishes really do come true here. While we’ve listed plenty of general suggestions, each and every person has their own unique set of interests and pursuits they may want to incorporate into their soul mate searching as well. And perhaps, when all is said and done, you’ll consider a Disney wedding or honeymoon to begin your happily ever after!

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