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Wayne Brady Explains Why He Was Fired by Disney

The talented Wayne Brady is a celebrity known for his singing, dancing, acting, comedy, and impersonation abilities. Brady is particularly well-known when it comes to his comedic work on the iconic improvisation show called Whose Line Is It Anyway?, in which he starred alongside Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles, Aisha Tyler, and (previously) Drew Carey. The Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Kinky ...

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‘Jeopardy!’ Franchise Gets Major Last-Minute Change

Mayim Bialik Out as 'Jeopardy' Host

The Jeopardy! franchise has gotten a last-minute change that fans of the classic American game show should be aware of. Jeopardy! has been entertaining viewers since the 60s. Created by Merv Griffin, the version that many know and love today began in 1984, with the late Alex Trebek hosting proceedings. Inspired by his wife, Griffin’s TV show follows an almost ...

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Is ‘The View’ Being Canceled? Here’s the Truth

is the view being canceled

Latest reports claim that the Whoopi Goldberg starrer chat show, The View,  is being canceled, but is it true? For many years now, The View has been an incredibly popular chat show mainstay on ABC. The show has been running for 27 seasons and was created by broadcast journalist Barbara Walters. The show features a panel of women from different walks of ...

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Rare Disney Satellite Event Causing Problems for ESPN, ABC, and Streaming

Disney satellite

If you’ve noticed some weird technical glitches across the Walt Disney Company’s major stations over the weekend, you aren’t going crazy. Like many studios, Disney uses a satellite in space to broadcast its offerings to consumers. However, a rare event involving the Disney satellite, the Earth, and the sun is causing annoying problems for ESPN, ABC, and other Disney programming ...

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Disney Calls Out Reports of ABC Network Sale

Disney statement on Nexstar sale

Disney Fanatic recently reported on quotes made by a prominent Nexstar Media group executive about potentially purchasing Disney’s local ABC television programming. While our initial article focused on the challenges of a possible purchase, many media outlets reported that the two companies were actually engaged in talks over a sale. The Walt Disney Company has since commented on the matter, ...

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Another Media Company Eyes Disney Assets, but Would the Relationship Work?

Nexstar and Disney

Since CEO Bob Iger’s comments this summer, several major players have been put into the ring as possible contenders for acquiring The Walt Disney Company or its assets. Pursuing strategic opportunities is a relentless endeavor. Amid the discussions surrounding a potential complete purchase of the entire company by Apple, another prominent media company may be interested in the television networks ...

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Disney/ABC Hiring “Scab” Writers For Long-Running Television Show

General Hospital

On May 2, more than 10,000 Hollywood writers, encompassing hundreds of movies and television shows, went on strike. The Writers Guild of America — which represents the writers — had been unable to come to a contract agreement with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP). The strike is the first major one in Hollywood since the last ...

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After Threatening To Sell, Iger Tries to Calm Nervous Employees, But Only Adds Fuel to the Fire

bob iger disney ceo

Apparently, threatening to sell a large portion of your empire isn’t necessarily good for morale. Disney CEO Bob Iger found that out the hard way. After commenting last week that he was open to selling parts of the Disney Company’s media division, including ABC, employees were experiencing “high anxiety” about their futures. Related: ‘The Challenges Are Greater Than I Anticipated.’ ...

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Bob Iger Reconsiders Disney’s Future in Television, ABC and ESPN in Jeopardy

Disney selling TV assets

Disney CEO Bob Iger isn’t wasting any time after confirming that he will stay in his role until the end of 2026. With the Walt Disney Company in a period of uncertain decline, the iconic leader has already made some major shakeups within its business dealings. Amid massive company-wide layoffs, Iger is next considering axing entire subsidiaries he no longer ...

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