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Little Girl With Brain Damage “Ruins” Disney World Experience

little girl with her father at disney (left), magic kingdom castle (right), mickey looking shocked

A mother was concerned that she ruined other people’s Disney World vacations by taking her daughter, who reportedly suffers from “brain damage,” to the park. The Walt Disney World Resort is universally agreed upon to be one of the most magical places on the planet. The Central Florida Disney resort has won hearts for its wonderful attractions and rides like ...

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Brother-In-Law Tries to Use Disney VIP Tour as Babysitting Service, Internet Has No Patience

Disneyland VIP tour

A recent online discussion has ignited a debate over a family’s decision regarding a VIP trip to Disneyland. Being the internet, the topic originally came about on a popular forum for getting validation on questionable moral decisions. The controversy began when a brother-in-law desired to swap his spot in the VIP group for his girlfriend’s child, and responders had some ...

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Disney Adult Told to “Grow up” and “Take Down” Disney Decorations Before Hosting Sister’s Wedding 

Alice and Wonderland Set

There’s nothing quite as special as the day your baby sister gets to marry the man of her dreams. A real-life fairytale with an elegant white dress, heartfelt speeches, and magical memories is something anyone can appreciate—especially someone with an affinity for the Most Magical Place on Earth. Made up of stories featuring enchanting princesses, triumphant characters, and a host ...

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“Entitled” Sister-in-Law Gets Dragged by the Internet for Complaining About a Free Disney Trip

Evil Step Sister

There’s no telling what lengths Disney fans would go to score a free Disney trip. While the economy flounders in the wake of COVID-19, times are tough for many Americans, and a Disney Vacation isn’t the cheapest trip you can take. Staying on Disney property at a Disney Resort exponentially improves the Disney Park experience, with access to extra Park ...

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Disney Villains Post to Reddit: r/AmITheVillian

The popular site Reddit is a place where anybody can post, thoughts, finds, and questions. A place for those who have been put in a place where they are forced to question whether or not they are morally in the right to pose that question to the public. Or, as the forum states: A catharsis for the frustrated moral philosopher ...

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