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Shockingly “Giant” Alligator Is Captured Near Disney World

disney alligators

Many Walt Disney World Resort fans already know perfectly well that Disney means business when it comes to no-swimming zones — and there are plenty of signs warning Disney World visitors about the dangers in those forbidden waters, even if some people are still too reckless to heed their warnings. Central Florida waters (like those inevitably found in Disney World) ...

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Disney Guest Faces Backlash After Swimming In Forbidden Lagoon

swimmer in seven seas lagoon and no swimming sign

Fistfights including children? Check. Unzipping Disney princesses’ dresses? Check. Swimming in dangerous off-limits waters during a Disney vacation? Unfortunately, check! If you recognize this checklist as a list of ‘approved’ (read: definitely NOT approved) tasks for terribly-behaved Walt Disney World Resort Guests, then you have most likely been well aware of the increasingly-atrocious behavior coming from adult Disney Guests in ...

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‘Louis the Gator’ Makes Surprise Appearance in Magic Kingdom

louis the alligator in 'Princess and the Frog'

If you’re a Disney Guest who enjoyed the antics of Louis the jazz-loving and trumpet-playing alligator in the 2009 film Princess and the Frog — and you’re excited to see more of Princess Tiana and her friends in the Magic Kingdom now that Splash Mountain is gone — then you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised to hear that Louis has already started showing ...

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Debunking Myths and Rumors About Disney’s Original Discovery Island

Breaking Myths About Discovery Island Feature

Today, most folks visiting Walt Disney World Resort tend to think of “Discovery Island” as one of several different land sections making up Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park. But that wasn’t always the case. Once upon a time, Discovery Island really was just as its name implied—an actual island full of discovery and a rather popular Disney World attraction at that. ...

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Surprising Creatures You May Encounter on Disney World Property

Wild creatures on Disney Property cover

If you were asked about where to find wild animals onsite at Walt Disney World Resort, you’d probably be poised to spout off the more obvious designations. Both Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park and Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge come to mind first and foremost. And for those who are more marine-focused, The Seas with Nemo and Friends Pavilion at EPCOT is ...

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Another Gator Spotted in Disney World Resort Area

alligator Disney World

Once again, Guests of the Walt Disney World Resort are reminded that they are vacationing in the middle of Florida. It appears that another alligator was spotted by Guests in one of Disney World’s waterways. The past few times we at Disney Fanatic have reported Gator sightings, it has been inside one of the Theme Parks. But this time, the ...

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Another Alligator Spotted in Walt Disney World

alligator disney world

Guests on a recent trip to the Magic Kingdom got more than the Disney experience they signed up for when they spotted an alligator in the Park. Walt Disney World is known for its Parks — Magic Kingdom Park, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom— but it’s also known for the occasional snake and gator sighting. While Guests ...

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Video: Cast Member Fights Alligator Out of Splash Mountain

Alligator at Disney World

A Walt Disney World Cast Member was spotted going a little outside his general job description recently when he had to shoo a juvenile alligator away from Splash Mountain and back into the neighboring Rivers of America. Walt Disney World was built on a Central Florida swamp, and the Rivers of America in Magic Kingdom Parks’ Frontierland are connected to ...

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