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Audiences Allegedly Refuse to Watch Newest ‘Aquaman’ Movie, Due to Amber Heard

amber heard aquaman

After the storm passed regarding the very-highly-publicized Depp v. Heard defamation trial last year, Johnny Depp fans’ focus seemed to shift from dismay about the domestic abuse allegations involving the popular A-list actor to dismay involving the unlikelihood of his return to the role of Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates 6.  Related: Johnny Depp Makes Cameo in ‘Pirates 6’ Trailer Johnny ...

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Noted Peacemaker/Rocker Alice Cooper Has A Plan to End Depp/Heard Drama Forever

Alice Cooper has a plan to end Depp/Heard Drama forever

Rocker Alice Cooper is known for many things, but being a peacemaker isn’t necessarily one of them. But he may soon be adding that title to his long list of accomplishments, which include the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Cooper has spent his summer touring with his good friend, Johnny Depp, and their band, Hollywood Vampires, including Aerosmith’s Joe ...

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Depp v. Heard: “What is the ACTUAL Truth?”

johnny depp amber heard documentary

There’s more to the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial than most of us knew, and per the latest from Netflix, we’re going to find out. The Johnny Depp-Amber Heard saga was long and painful for all parties involved; however, by the time it ended, the trial had fair conclusively had one outcome if for nothing else: Johnny Depp’s image ...

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Johnny Depp Makes Surprising Move With Amber Heard’s Money

johnny depp and amber heard

The Depp vs Heard trial certainly made waves last year, both in the Disney community and nationwide — and according to Entertainment Tonight, Johnny Depp has just made a very impactful choice when it comes to the $1 million reparation that he received from Amber Heard! The A-list actor (who recently celebrated his 60th birthday with hundreds of strangers) is reportedly ...

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Johnny Depp Accepts Surprising Role After Trial

johnny depp jack sparrow

The American actor Johnny Depp might be a source of controversy for many Disney fans after the defamation trial involving Amber Heard and the Washington Post, but the Finding Neverland actor is returning to work as usual after the trial’s tentative conclusion — and Depp is not just returning to work: the actor is returning to work in a position that ...

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Social Media Erupts After Depp’s Lawyer Reportedly Calls Him an ‘Abuser’

Johnny Depp Lawyer

It seems that former Disney Movie star Johnny Depp still can’t get out of the spotlight regarding his defamation case with his ex-wife Amber Heard. Earlier this week, his star attorney, Camilla Vasquez, who was already the center of rumors that she was in a romantic relationship with him, appeared to slip up in her closing statements back in May. ...

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Johnny Depp/Amber Heard Update: Jury Error Could Cause Mistrial

Johnny Depp Amber Heard Mistrial

Several weeks ago, the dual defamation case between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard resulted in a major win for Depp, thanks to a unanimous jury decision. But there might be one problem: it appears that one of the jurors was not supposed to be there. According to files obtained by Deadline, Heard’s attorneys have requested that the case should be ...

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Johnny Depp Shares Tribute Video to Supporting Fans

Johnny Depp

Still reveling in his long-sought defamation victory over his ex-wife Amber Heard, Johnny Depp took time to thank the fans who believed and supported him since his battle began in 2018. After publishing a letter across social media immediately following his victory in Fairfax, Virginia, the former Pirates of the Caribbean star shared a tribute video on his social media dedicated to ...

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Amber Heard Shares Statement After Losing Libel Case to Johnny Depp

Amber Heard Verdict Reaction

In the afternoon of Wednesday, June 1, the civil jury in Fairfax, Virginia, ruled in favor of Johnny Depp in the dual defamation trial that pitted him against his ex-wife Amber Heard. After six weeks, the jury ruled that all three statements from Heard’s Washington Post OpEd in 2018 accusing Depp of domestic violence were defamation crafted by her specifically with “actual ...

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Jury Reach Verdict in Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard Trial

Johnny Depp Amber Heard Verdict

After several days of deliberation, the jury has finally reached a verdict in the dual defamation case between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard in Fairfax, Virginia. A little after 3:00 pm ET on Wednesday, June 1, 2022, the seven-person civil jury unanimously ruled the following: All three statements made in the Washington Post OpEd were proven to be defamation ...

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