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Disney Reveals Plans to Close ‘Expedition Everest’ Again

expedition everest

The popular snowy roller coaster ride that closed in January of 2022 and reopened in April might not be open again in the Animal Kingdom Disney Park for long. Apparently, the Walt Disney Company has started the process of closing Expedition Everest again by filing construction permits in order to carry out more renovations and refurbishments for Expedition Everest: Legend ...

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Animal Kingdom Lodge Welcomes Baby Pig

animal kingdom lodge

The population of the Animal Kingdom Lodge at Walt Disney World Resort continues to grow, and the newest addition to the Animal Kingdom Lodge is particularly adorable! Dr. Mark Penning, the Vice President, of Disney’s Animals, Science & Environment department, recently shared photos of a baby red river hog that has been born. “I am thrilled to introduce the newest ...

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Expect to Get Wet With These Disney World Rides and Attractions

Kali River Cover Photo

Disney rides and attractions come in all different forms. Some are milder offerings, while others deliver on more moderate adventures. Then you have all those breathtaking thrills on top of that. What’s more, Disney attractions take on a wide range of different mediums, including those that incorporate the element of water. Not all Disney-designated water attractions are guaranteed to get ...

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Underrated Animal Exhibits You Can’t Miss at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Underrated Animal Kingdom

Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park is home to some of the most popular animal exhibits and attractions in central Florida. Kilimanjaro Safaris is routinely viewed as one of the top-rated Disney Park attractions in general, and the park’s animal walking trails include looks at exotic creatures like Sumatran Tigers, Silverback Gorillas, and more. Still, some Guests continue to view Animal ...

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Disney World Animal Experiences Worth the Extra Cost

Starlight Safari

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park is the renowned go-to for awesome animal experiences that come as part of the Park’s all-inclusive package deal. At the cost of the regular admission price, you get to enjoy a vast array of animal-laden encounters that would be otherwise difficult to come by. From one-of-a-kind attractions like the impressive Kilimanjaro Safaris, which brings the best ...

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Disney World Extends Park Hours for Select Dates This May and June

We’re back with another update on park hours at the Walt Disney World Resort! Disney has been regularly extending park hours based on crowds and demand since the end of last year during the holiday season right through the end of this month, and now we are seeing park hours increasing for most dates through June. Here’s what you need ...

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‘Dr. Mark’ Reveals Which Disney Animal Volunteers for Medical Exams

dr mark disney gino

If you’re not already following Dr. Mark Penning (the Vice President of Disney’s Animals, Science, and Environment department in the Animal Kingdom with Walt Disney World Resort), then you have been missing out on some fun, educational, and adorable behind the scenes from within the Animal Kingdom! Dr. Mark, known for his Instagram account “Dr. Mark at Disney”, recently spoke ...

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OpEd: Why Disney’s Animal Kingdom Needs Australia

Animal Kingdom park

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park may be the youngest of the four major theme parks comprising Walt Disney World Resort, but it presents some of the most revolutionary, standout features of all of them. Some have even gone so far as to say that it is not as “Disney-like” when compared with the other three, largely due to the fact that ...

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