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Real-Life ‘Monsters, Inc.’ Plays Out in Toddler’s Closet Until Mom Calls Pest Control. What He Found Was Far More Terrifying Than Monsters

Monster Inc Honeybees in the wall

You’ve heard about things that go “bump” in the night. Whether it was a vampire, a zombie, or the Boogeyman, the chances are that as a child, you feared those middle-of-the-night sounds that seemed to have no explanation. And whether those “monsters” hid under your bed, outside your bedroom window, or in your closet, those things that go bump in ...

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Things That a Disney Rookie Must Do at Animal Kingdom Park

donald duck, chip and dale, dino bash in animal kingdom

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park is, without a doubt, the wildest theme park in all of Walt Disney World Resort. Encompassing well over 500 acres, it also happens to be the largest. Because it is the youngest of all four, it’s still quite possible that someone who hasn’t gone on vacation to Disney World in quite some time has never even ...

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DreamWorks Animation Faces Striking Loss After Film Flops

dreamworks pictures faces another loss

One of DreamWorks Pictures’ recent releases has proven to be a notable loss for the company, leaving many to question the longevity of its future. The Walt Disney Company has come under fire frequently over the last year for its alleged wokeness and constant “pandering to woke audiences.” Be it The Little Mermaid and the controversy surrounding the casting of Black ...

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These Are the Things We’re Looking Forward to Most on Day Two of D23

Cover Day 2

As we gear up for an equally action-packed Day Two of the D23 Expo, we have an expansive list of those things we are looking ahead to. While the day is long, and there will be plenty to cover, these are the events that this Disney Fanatic is particularly most excited for! Related: Looking Ahead to the Upcoming D23 The ...

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Disney’s ‘Zootopia’ Remains a Family-Film Favorite That Tackles Age-Old Sentiments About Overcoming Life’s Challenges, Beating the Odds, and Breaking Down Stereotypes


Can you believe it’s already been seven years since Walt Disney Animation Studios released its CGI anthropomorphic animal hit Zootopia? A true motion picture marvel in so many ways, Zootopia keeps with a forever-current theme focused on overcoming life’s challenges, beating the odds, and breaking down stereotypes. What’s more, it may very well be the most universally-relevant movie for all ...

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“Adolescent Chaos”: Pixar Animator Discusses ‘Turning Red’


The new Pixar movie Turning Red will be streaming on Disney+ on March 11, and one of the animators who worked on the main character Mei Lee has revealed what he and his fellow Pixar animators used to make Mei’s red panda self as realistic as possible! The answer? Cat videos! “We were watching videos trying to capture the shapes and silhouettes ...

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A Look Back at the Iconic Females Who Played a Crucial Role in Disney History

Alice Davis

From even its earliest days, the Walt Disney Company has relied on the assistance of talented and innovative women, many of whom went on to play very vital roles throughout the company’s developmental history. From the trailblazing ladies of the Ink & Paint team who set new standards in animation via artistic attributes, to the creative designers and brilliant, innovative ...

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Facts About the Life and Legacy of Walter Elias Disney

December marks the month when Walt Elias Disney was born into this world, on December 5th, 1901. It is also, sadly, the month that he died, on December 15th, 1966. In looking back on the life and legacy of Walt Disney, we can see that all of the innumerable contributions given to us by this great man throughout his lifetime ...

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Colombian Celebrity Maluma Discusses His Role in Disney’s New Movie “Encanto”


Disney never fails to impress audiences when it comes to the vibrantly-animated, comical but emotional adventure musicals that tend to be Walt Disney Animation Studios’ bread and butter–and the upcoming musical Encanto looks like it’s going to be just as much fun to watch as predecessors like Moana, Frozen, and Brave. The movie’s voice cast has a few recognizable names ...

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