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Disney Fans Have Concerns About Questionable Dessert Design

Part of Your World Mousse

Walt Disney World in Florida has given guests some truly genuine magic over the years. However, even the most beloved company must sometimes be called to answer when it makes a bad decision. Disney fans have recently pointed out a questionable dessert design offered at one of the Disney World hotels. A History of Amazing Disney Desserts Disney World has ...

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Halle Bailey Finally Answers THE Burning Question About Ariel’s New Hair

ariel little mermaid halle bailey

Now that the new Little Mermaid movie craze is over — even though debates about the rap song sung by Awkwafina and debates about the new Ariel Meet and Greet in Disney World continue to thrive online — there is just one major question left for the actress playing the new version of Ariel! Halle Bailey became a household name after her ...

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Moana Defeats Ariel in Crude Battle for “Queen of the Sea” Title

Moana and Ariel glaring at each other

Moana was a huge hit when it made its theatrical debut in 2016, but now the Disney princess who stars in the film is gaining a new title: “Queen of the Sea”! Not only is the new live-action adaptation of Moana expected to outpace The Little Mermaid (even though the new version of that fairy tale is meant to add more substance to ...

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“There’s No Accountability for This” Guests Called Out for “Ruining the Magic” on Popular Attraction

Ursula Art of Animation

Walt Disney Imagineers are the masterminds behind thrilling twists and epic launches like the take-off on TRON Lightcycle / Run, but their stories set Disney attractions apart. The Haunted Mansion ride, a Walt Disney World staple since it opened, has a queue and pre-show that are attractions before Guests even board the haunted Doom Buggy. Rise of the Resistance transports ...

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Experts Predict That Live-Action ‘Moana’ Will Trump ‘The Little Mermaid’

ariel looks dismayed while moana smiles

The new live-action Little Mermaid created turmoil in the Disney-loving community before its theatrical release this past Memorial Day weekend, attracting the hateful attention of racist trolls and dividing Disney fans who welcomed Halle Bailey to the role of Ariel but found a new hatred for the Awkwafina rap in the new movie. The box office performance of The Little Mermaid has made it ...

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Fans Complain After Disney Erases Ariel’s Iconic Dress

ariel and prince eric in the little mermaid

Before the new Little Mermaid film made its debut in theaters on Memorial Day weekend, actress Halle Bailey was met with a lot of racist hate from audience members — and even though she and Disney proved the “pathetic” racist haters wrong with a staggering amount of success at the box office, Disney fans have just found something new to complain about ...

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Barbie Or Ariel? Iconic Heroines Clash at the Box Office

margot robbie smiling as barbie and ariel glaring at her

The new live-action Barbie film, which stars Disney-loving Canadian actor Ryan Gosling and Australian actress Margot Robbie, has been highly-anticipated by movie enthusiasts. The film follows Barbie, the iconic character who started the Barbie doll phenomenon of old (and whose dolls have since been replaced by new iterations of the iconic toy dolls). With colorful and frothy trailers filling TV ...

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Is Dreamworks Deliberately Antagonizing Disney With These Evil Mermaids? History Says Yes

ariel frowns at ruby gillman, teenage kraken mermaids

The new animated Dreamworks movie called Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken has been a hot topic lately for two reasons: the abysmal predictions regarding the film’s box office performance and its main villain’s extremely-noticeable similarity to Ariel from the 1989 animated Disney movie The Little Mermaid.  The “Kat” Is Out of the Bag Some misinformed Disney fans might think that Dreamworks chose to ...

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Dreamworks Creates Its Own ‘Turning Red’ Fiasco With ‘Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken’

ruby gillman and meilin lee

The new Dreamworks animated movie called Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken has been the talk of the town due to its villainous Ariel doppelganger (who is named Chelsea Van Der Zee and voiced by Annie Murphy) — but now that the movie about a tentacled teenager is about to finally come to theaters, there is even more fodder for discussion! Low Expectations The ...

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Mermaid vs Superhero: Fans Call Out Audiences’ Hypocrisy After Ezra Miller Returns

ezra miller and halle bailey in the role of ariel

Unfortunately, Disney and Marvel fans will not be shocked to hear about an A-list actor committing crimes or being accused of terrible behaviors. A Return From Disgrace We have already seen several high-profile Marvel or DC stars being accused of crimes, with tremendous career-altering backlash as a result, but one Hollywood star is making their return to theaters after a ...

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