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‘No One Likes Everything Disney Does,’ Disney Accused Of Using AI Bots to Make You Believe People Like Them

Mickey Mouse hiding

After the 2016 election, X (Twitter at that time) promised that it would crack down on fake accounts, sock-puppets, and bots, and for a while, it successfully halted the spread of misinformation. However, after Elon Musk took over the platform, most of the staff in charge of stemming the flow of misinformation were fired. This allowed the flow of misinformation ...

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Frustrated Audiences Believe Even Artificial Intelligence Has “More Soul” Than Disney

disney AI animation

Audiences are so fed up with the quality of a lot of Disney’s productions that some believe that AI can do a better job than the Mouse House. The Walt Disney Company has been facing a lot of criticism lately for the quality of its productions and films. The company has been criticized for the lackluster storytelling and “woke” narratives ...

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Disney Replaces Dozens of Actors With Artificial Intelligence: How AI Technology Is Changing the Studio

Hand of a robot and human with Disney Movies behind it

AI, or artificial intelligence, has been a massive topic of discussion in recent months, and for good reason. As the technology around us continues to develop at a rapid pace, Hollywood’s major film studios are left to grapple with the decision of how these new leaps in innovation can be used in the entertainment industry. Disney, one of the world’s ...

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Fans Are Demanding Live-Action Remakes Starring These “Disney Princesses”

AI disney princesses

When it comes to Disney Princesses, Disney fans tend to have a lot of opinions on everything from Disney Princess romances to Disney princesses’ appearances. A topic that has been more controversial than these Disney Princess topics as of late, however, has been Artificial Intelligence (also known as AI)! Disney fans have been using AI to create humorous creatures like ...

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Disney Fans Lose It Over Jack Black/Disney Princess Mashup

jack black as disney princesses

The Disney-loving online community can be an upsetting or uplifting space for many Disney Fanatics, but one particularly controversial element of this digital world involves Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence (also known as AI) has been used by Disney fans to create everything from simulations of bizarre Disney wedding dresses to comical blobfish princesses to bloodthirsty Disney Princess warriors.  There seems ...

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Disney Runs Full-Body Scans on Actors Without Any Explanation

disney actors full body scans

Actors are increasingly concerned that Disney is trying to sideline their roles by substituting them with AI-generated likenesses. The Walt Disney Company has been experimenting with Artificial Intelligence for a while now. Disney is a company that has prided itself on staying ahead of growing technology trends; for years and decades now, they have worked to be at the forefront ...

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Fans Use AI to Design Eccentric Disney Wedding Dresses

Finding Nemo, Tangled, and Frozen-inspired wedding dresses created with AI.

These days, artificial intelligence and the use of programs like ChatGPT are the talk of the town — and now artificial intelligence has just merged with an ever-popular summer topic: weddings! We have already seen Disney fans use AI to reimagine Disney characters in the form of Disney villains, Disney princesses with their children, and Disney heroines in hardcore warrior ...

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