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Redditor Shares a Terrifying Look at a Classic Disney Attraction With the Lights On

Space Mountain

Disney Guests know to keep their hands, arms, and legs firmly inside the ride vehicle for one of Walt Disney World’s most iconic—and oldest—attractions. Prominently placed in the heart of Walt Disney World’s Tomorrowland stands a permanent fixture in Disney fans’ hearts. Visible from Disney’s Contemporary Resort and recognized worldwide, Space Mountain is a symbolic Disney ride that’s been around ...

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Why Do So Many Fights Break Out at Disney Parks?

Disney Parks Fighting feature

Once upon a time, it was preposterous to even consider that any Disney Park or Resort location would ever serve as the site of an all-out explosive brawl. Even foul language and altercations seemed unlikely within the realm of a wholesome, family-oriented magical place where dreams come true. But unfortunately, times have changed, and neither Disneyland Resort in California nor ...

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Tips for Expectant Mothers at Disney World

Expectant Mother Feature Image

So, you’re expecting the welcome arrival of a brand-new bundle of joy. Congratulations! But this newest addition to your growing family won’t be arriving in time to join you on your next intended visit to Walt Disney World Resort. Perhaps your plans were already well in place long before you even received the wonderful news. Whatever your situation is, now ...

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Do You Know About Mickey’s 10 Commandments?

Mickey's 10 Commandments cover

Have you ever wondered why Disney Parks tend to be so much better than all other theme parks in regards to the impressive attractions and Guest experiences they present? How do they manage to cultivate such magical experiences so perfectly in a way that other venues just can’t match? It all goes back to the amazing wonders of Walt Disney ...

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Planning to Drive to Walt Disney World? Here Are Some Helpful Pointers

Feature Image for Driving to Disney World

So, you’ve decided that you will be taking the drive to Walt Disney World Resort rather than opting for the more popular choice of flying by plane. You’re in for an extensive road trip like no other, and in most cases, a fairly long one at that. Just make sure you’re prepared for the journey ahead, and be mindful of ...

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Multiple Attractions in Disney World Set To Close For a Few Months

epcot seas of adventure closure

Closures are routine in the Disney Parks, and now Disney has revealed that two water-themed attractions in EPCOT will be closing for a while. The Walt Disney World Resort is known to be the “Most Magical Place on Earth.” Each Theme Park at the Disney Resort— like Disney’s Hollywood Studios or Disney’s Animal Kingdom—is an immersive environment for Guests to ...

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The Truth About Why The Dolls in Disney’s ‘it’s a small world’ Have Hair That Grows

It's a small word cover

I know, I know. This probably sounds like something more befitting of one of Disney’s creepier attractions, like the Haunted Mansion or even the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror over in Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort. I mean, you don’t really expect to be reading about something as sinister as those charming little dolls that star in one ...

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Must-Do Pursuits During Your First Time Visiting Magic Kingdom Park

Family visiting Magic Kingdom

Congratulations! You are on your first-ever visit to Walt Disney World Resort. And your very first stop is none other than the iconic Magic Kingdom Park that you’ve heard so much about. As the ultimate rite of passage, Disney’s Magic Kingdom is just overflowing with magical must-dos and endless enchanted endeavors that you just have to experience for yourself. But ...

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Expect to Get Wet With These Disney World Rides and Attractions

Kali River Cover Photo

Disney rides and attractions come in all different forms. Some are milder offerings, while others deliver on more moderate adventures. Then you have all those breathtaking thrills on top of that. What’s more, Disney attractions take on a wide range of different mediums, including those that incorporate the element of water. Not all Disney-designated water attractions are guaranteed to get ...

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A Tribute to the Sherman Brothers and Their Enduring Legacy

Walt with Sherman Brothers

There have been many notable sibling duos throughout history. Within the Walt Disney Company, in particular, the team of Walt and Roy Disney is perhaps the most famous demonstration of brothers working together — the one that springs instantly to mind, and rightly so. But they weren’t the only ones. With a claim to fame for having produced more motion ...

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