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After Rejecting Disney Previously, Beloved Actress Returns for This Surprise Film

Auli'i Cravalho moana 2 disney

Despite refusing to come back for the ‘Moana’ live-action film that Disney announced last year, Auli’i Cravalho will be reprising her role in Moana 2.  The Walt Disney Company has made some of the most successful and beloved animated and live-action features during its time. From the movie that started it all—Snow White and the Seven Dwarves—to more recent releases ...

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Alternate Version of ‘Moana’ Song Stuns Listeners

moana how far I'll go

If you think you know the iconic Moana song “How Far I’ll Go” by heart — even during brain surgery — then try learning this new version for some extra Disney magic! How Far I’ll Go…to Malta! A Maltese Disney fan named Sarah Micallef Muscat has just created her own viral non-English version of the Polynesian Disney Princess’s song. Even though this ...

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‘Moana’ Begins Inspiring Campaign for Coral Reef Restoration

auli'i cravalho coral reefs

The original Polynesian Disney princess is back (albeit not in the live-action remake) with some good news for marine life! Auli’i Cravalho, the Hawaiian singer and actress who was plucked from her local talent show at the age of 14 and cast as the Disney princess named Moana, has just embarked on a heartwarming campaign to help save the oceans ...

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Auli’i Cravalho Responds to “Woke Disney” and the Ongoing Strikes

moana auli'i cravalho

These days, Disney fans seem to be divided between complaining and cheering when it comes to Disney’s efforts to be more inclusive in its most recent films. Some critics have even begun calling the Walt Disney Company “woke Disney.” However, Moana actress Auli’i Cravalho recently revealed in an interview with Yahoo Entertainment that Disney is definitely not perfect when it ...

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Disney Fans Praise Zendaya’s Casting as the ‘New Moana’

zendaya moana

These days, untainted Disney darlings are few and far between. Moana star and Disney icon Dwayne Johnson, for example, is not without his own share of scandals (even though he continues to star in family-friendly Disney movies like 2021’s Jungle Cruise). Johnson is set to reprise his role as Maui the demigod in the upcoming live-action remake of the 2016 movie Moana, and ...

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Auli’i Cravalho Rejoins Disney Family in Brand-New Show

auli'i cravalho and hailey's on it poster

It was announced some time ago that Moana and Rise star Auli’i Cravalho would be lending her talents to Disney once again after her runaway success as a Polynesian Disney princess — and now, Auli’i’s third big Disney role (including her brief time as Ariel) is about to make its debut! Goodbye Moana, Hello Hailey! The new Disney Channel animated show called Hailey’s On It! ...

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Dwayne Johnson’s Live-Action Remake Set to Include ‘Hamilton’ Director

Maui and Hamilton

With Hamilton and In the Heights on his resume, will this director “know the way” for one of Disney’s newest live-action remakes? When Dwayne Johnson sailed through with an announcement of one of Disney’s most beloved film remakes, Disney fans’ ears perked up to hear if their favorite actors would join the cast. The 2016 animated film Moana introduced a certified classic ...

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The ‘Moana’ Theory: Fans Make a Dwayne Johnson Accusation Around the Live-Action Remake

Maui and Moana

Just six and a half years after Moana sailed into Disney fans’ hearts, Dwayne Johnson released the news of a live-action remake. While the announcement landed well with die-hard Moana fans, it almost equally received criticism for how close the remake would be released to the original film. In contrast to the 6.5-year gap between the original and the remake, the ...

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‘Moana’ Actress Clears up Rumors About the New Live-Action Dwayne Johnson Film


Make way for news about one of the latest live-action Disney remakes surfing the pipeline. After producer Dwayne Johnson delivered an announcement for a reimagined Moana film on Maui’s shores, Disney fans had mixed responses. With the latest update shared by the original film’s star, some Moana enthusiasts might start to resemble a fiery Te Fiti. The 2016 film, Moana, brought enchanting music, ...

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‘Moana’ Actress Makes Surprising Statement About Her “Financial Security”

moana and auli'i cravalho smiling

A lot of Disney princess fans might think that they already know everything there is to know about the starlet who played Moana — but in a recent interview with The Cut, the young Hawaiian actress revealed a surprisingly challenging home life that (in her mind) makes her less of a Disney princess. The Power, Crush, Rise, and Mean Girls actress (not to ...

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