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‘Avatar’ Sequels Among Disney Projects Delayed as Late as 2031 Due to WGA Strike


Although good things come to those who wait, Disney fans might get impatient with the news of Disney’s most notable projects getting put on the back burner. While Walt Disney Studios projects like The Little Mermaid were delayed due to COVID-19, Disney fans have looked forward to a return to normalcy as the world recovers from the pandemic. But with ...

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Who Suffered More? ‘Avatar’ and ‘Little Mermaid’ Stars Discuss Underwater Challenges

kate winslet and halle bailey

The new little mermaid Ariel has undergone quite the ordeal while filming the new live-action adaptation of the 1989 movie The Little Mermaid! Halle Bailey, the singer and actress who is playing Ariel, recently spoke about some of the challenges that came with the role (without even including the amount of backlash that followed after her casting announcement). According to Halle ...

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Two Disney Franchises Clash After Shocking Upset


We already knew that there was going to be a lot of hype and anticipation around the Avatar sequel, since it was over a decade in the making, since James Cameron has put an endless amount of detail into the world of Pandora and the Na’vi, and since A-list celebrity actors like Kate Winslet joined the cast. Now that the movie has ...

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Despite All the “Flops,” Disney Ends 2022 #1 at the Box Office

Disney Box Office 2022

For nearly the entirety of 2022, Walt Disney Studios was plagued with Box Office issues. From the now-fired Kareem Daniel making a last-minute decision as head of distribution to boot Pixar’s Turning Red from theaters to Strange World becoming one of the worst bombs in Disney Animation history and Lightyear getting banned from several countries. Still, despite the woes, Disney still found itself as ...

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Will “Avatar 2” Come to Disney+ Sooner Rather Than Later?

avatar 2 disney+ streaming

By now, it’s no longer news that Avatar: The Way of Water, the highly anticipated Avatar sequel, has not performed to expectations. But there’s a chance that Disney set itself up for the situation it finds itself in. Avatar 2 has been in the news for various reasons, and only a few are good. While the movie opened with hitting $134 ...

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OpEd: How Can a Movie Make $435 Million Opening Weekend and Still Be a ‘Flop’?

Avatar 2 Box Office

How does this happen? 20th Century Studios’ Avatar: The Way of Water is out in theaters, but it is apparently at risk of being arguably the most expensive flop in movie history. The sequel grossed $134 million domestically on its opening weekend. That is almost double what its predecessor, James Cameron’s Avatar, made years ago ($70 million). Adding the global box ...

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Audiences Boycott ‘Avatar’ Sequel Due to James Cameron’s Offensive Comment


Once again, a high-profile Hollywood A-lister has offended someone — but this time, the offender in question is Avatar creator and director James Cameron, and it is Avatar: The Way of Water that has reignited an old controversy! Avatar: The Way of Water just premiered this past weekend with shockingly-low box office numbers that actually contributed to a drastic drop in Disney’s stock numbers. The ...

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Disney Stock Drops Again After ‘Avatar 2’ Box Office Weekend

Disney Stock Price

Despite Avatar: The Way of Water grossing nearly half a billion dollars globally over box office debut weekend, The Walt Disney Company’s stock has dropped to yet another 52-week low as the realized numbers were still below expectations. Related: Theater Owners Say No to ‘Avatar 2’ After Disney Demands 70% Cut According to CNBC, Shares of Disney dropped on Monday following a weaker-than-expected ...

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Report: ‘Avatar 2’ Falls Behind Box Office Expectations

Avatar 2 Box Office

James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way of Water is finally out in theaters, and like the other recent films to come out of the Disney Corporate Umbrella this year, it is falling behind Box Office hopes. Believe it or not. According to Deadline, it appears that the highly anticipated sequel will end its opening weekend close to $20 million below anticipated numbers, ...

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Theater Owners Say No to ‘Avatar 2’ After Disney Demands 70% Cut

Avatar 2 Theaters

The long-anticipated Avatar: The Way of Water has finally emerged from 20th Century Studios and the Disney Umbrella, opening in theaters today. But like Disney’s previous box office attempts, this will also face drawbacks and resistance from theaters. Disney’s 2022 box office has been plagued with issues reportedly due to the company’s insistence on pushing “woke” LGBTQ+ narratives, from Pixar’s Lightyear to Walt ...

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