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Serena Williams Chooses Questionable Disney Villain Baby Names

gaston lefou and shere khan stare at serena williams

Tennis champion Serena Williams might be a Disney princess in the eyes of many of her adoring fans, but the professional athlete and celebrity is apparently leaning towards a Disney villain theme for her unborn child! Serena Williams already has one daughter named Olympia, but she is expecting a second child with her husband Alexis Ohanian (shown below with Serena ...

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‘Traumatizing’ Disney Name Becomes Trendy


If there’s anything that Disney fans consider to be a polarizing topic (that is, besides Splash Mountain and former Disney CEO Bob Chapek), it might be Disney baby names. Some Disney enthusiasts love the idea of representing their love for Disney and the magic that it added to their own childhood by naming their children after Disney characters (ranging from ...

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Movie-Loving Mom Defends ‘Disney’ Baby Names


Even though many Disney fans have been naming their children after Disney characters — be they Disney princesses, Disney princes, Disney sidekicks, or even Disney villains — there are always plenty of naysayers who criticize these baby names and criticize “Disney Adults” for placing their Disney fan status on babies who do not yet know if they themselves will actually ...

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