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Glittering Snow Globe Backpacks Have Been Released from Loungefly


Even though Christmas is over, the wintry season has only just begun–so if you’re in the mood to display your Disney princess finery in festive glimmering style throughout the season, then Loungefly has just made the backpacks for you! There are four new mini Disney princess backpacks in Loungefly’s Snow Globe Series available for pre-order, and each one can be ...

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15 Things to Bring with You Into the Park

Bag into the park

When you hear the words, “be prepared”, what pops into your head first? a) The Boy Scouts motto b) Scar’s ominous tune from The Lion King If you have Disney on the brain, it’s likely that you gravitate toward choice b. However, taking advice from the scouts before heading into a Walt Disney World park isn’t a bad idea. As ...

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