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Teen Hires Bodyguard to Help Him Harass Disney Park Guests, Pays Ultimate Price

teenager banned disney bodyguard

Yet another social media content creator has paid the ultimate Disney price for concocting a ridiculous plan that involved him hiring a bodyguard to harass Disney Park guests. Social media platforms have undeniably altered the Disney experience for Disney fans and Disney Parks guests. With the ability to easily capture and share moments from one’s experiences at iconic destinations such ...

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Disney World Imposes New Ban: 200,000 Guests Restricted

Disney Castle

Walt Disney World Resort, like any theme park, is compelled to enforce rules and regulations to ensure all guests’ safety, comfort, and enjoyment. These rules are necessary to maintain order and create an environment where families and individuals can have a positive and memorable experience. Guests undergo screenings and bag checks before entering Disney parks to enhance security measures. This ...

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The Weird Things Banned from Disney’s Theme Parks

banned disney parks donald duck main street usa

When visiting any of the world’s Disney Parks and Resorts, guests must follow a set of rules and regulations that, when ignored, could result in getting kicked out – or even being banned – from the theme parks. So, what can’t you bring on your next visit to the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida? Well, some of the list ...

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The Definitive Guide to Getting Unbanned from Disney World

'Disney Hack' gets woman banned

So you’ve been banned for life from Walt Disney World, eh? What did you do? Perhaps you got drunk and tried climbing the Mexico Pavilion pyramid?  Was it a fight in the parking lot? Just a few minutes on social media could have you thinking that have been a lot of people getting banned lately. It sure seemed like a ...

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12 Things You’ll Never Want to Do at Walt Disney World

Cinderella's Castle

Walt Disney World is one of the most popular family-friendly theme parks in this country, and while it is a theme park like no other, there are a few things you want to stay away from or not participate in—improper activities, inappropriate attire, bad behavior, etc. Help make your Disney vacation even more magical by showing consideration and respect for ...

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