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Disney Baddies Who Turned Good

Which Disney Bird Are You?

From the wickedest of evil villains to those misunderstood, misbehaving but otherwise harmless antagonists that annoy us so, Disney characters usually take a distinguished side for being either for or against what’s good and what isn’t. Over the years however, we have seen many demonstrations of certain characters in Disney films shifting form their former antagonistic ways to those that ...

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Fit For A Prince: A Profile of Disney’s Notable Male Protagonists

Disney Princesses undeniably dominate the movie scene in comparison to many of their supporting male counterparts. Ironically, it is some of these secondary male characters who are the actual royals responsible for bestowing various Disney Princesses with their regal status to begin with. In other instances, you have movies that star a male protagonist who ultimately ends up being outshined ...

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Beauty and the Beast’s Emma Watson Returns To Social Media After A Long Hiatus


Emma Watson, the English actress best known for the “Harry Potter” films and Disney’s live-action version of “Beauty and the Beast“, has come back online after months of conspicuous digital absence. The actress’s social media accounts were “dormant” until this weekend, when she returned online to show solidarity with the crew members who are petitioning the Alliance of Motion Picture ...

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