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Disney Princess Collection Now Available from Enso Rings

Looking for a new silicone ring? Enso Rings just launched a Disney Princess collection of their popular silicone rings and they are gorgeous! Silicone rings are perfect for sporting jewelry and adding some character to your look without worrying about potential damage to your more luxury jewelry pieces. Whether you need a ring to wear to work that isn’t metal, ...

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Pandora Launches a ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Jewelry Collection


If you’re a big fan of the classic Disney princess Belle from the 1991 Disney animated movie Beauty and the Beast, and you have an affinity for sparkly jewelry or accessories, then good news! Pandora’s new Beauty and the Beast jewelry collection came out “just in time for the holiday season”, and it features signature Pandora jewelry that Belle fans will adore. ...

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Lily James Plays Another Disney Princess

The actress Lily James is already known for her work as Cinderella and her work in romantic comedies–but now the Englishwoman is playing another classic Disney princess! The Disney princess that Lily will play is none other than Belle from ‘Beauty and the Beast’, and she’ll be playing the princess in BBC Two’s “star-studded Christmas pantomime“. These pantomimes are done ...

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Broadway’s Disney Princesses Have Reunited For The Thirtieth Anniversary of ‘Beauty and the Beast’

The animated Disney movie ‘Beauty and the Beast’ has been receiving special attention this year for its thirtieth anniversary (including wedding dresses and merchandise), and two Disney stars who have played the story’s protagonist, Belle, have joined in the fun! Anneliese van der Pol and Susan Egan both played Belle in Broadway productions of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ (with Susan ...

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Exclusive ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Backpacks and Purses Have Just Been Released

Looking for a dainty, yet functional way to express your love of Belle or ‘Beauty and the Beast’ during the movie’s thirtieth anniversary? Danielle Nicole has the answer for you! This brand has just released a limited edition anniversary backpack and satchel that will definitely make you feel like Belle. The description for the backpack, which has beautiful Belle detailing, ...

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