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Making the Most of Walt Disney World Resort Recreations

Horseback riding

The non-stop hustle and bustle of Disney World Parks is not for everyone. While visiting the Parks is admittedly the number one reason for why so many choose to book accommodations at a Disney World Resort, there are quite a few other ones for why this isn’t always the case. Perhaps you are visiting for business purposes and have limited ...

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5 Things No One Tells You About Walt Disney World Transportation

Disney Monorail

There are several different modes of transportation at Walt Disney World, your own or a rented auto, Disney buses, monorails, or water transports (ferry boats or water taxis). Disney boat transportation is a fun and entertaining way to get across Bay Lake or between Disney Resorts and Parks. There are, however, some things no one informs you about Disney transportation. ...

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6 Things You Should Never Do Aboard Disney Ferryboats, Friendship Boats, & Water Taxis

Friendship Boats

There are several forms of transportation at Walt Disney World; buses, monorails, your own vehicle, and boats. Buses are available at all Disney Resorts, and monorail and boat transportation are available at select Disney Resorts. When riding on any of the boats, you should listen to the Captain when he/she makes any announcements concerning your safety while on board. Just ...

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